Grieving: The Pain and the Promise

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Whilst the idea of 5 stages feels clear-cut, experiencing grief and loss is far from a simple, formulaic experience. None of those stages are clearly defined slots, lasting a determined amount of time. They might last days, hours or weeks, even returning at unexpected moments, triggered by memories, sights, smells or thoughts. If you need prayer, then you can call our prayer centre. You can also get in touch through social media, by sending a message on Facebook or commenting on the post below.

How to Deal With the Pain of Loss

Email me exciting news, updates and promotions. By submitting this form you agree to the CBN Europe privacy policy. View more products by Deanna Edwards. I have been suffering a longtime from a condition of incurable and largely untreatable chronic pain Finding this book on grief has been invaluable Grief at the loss of freedom and hope, persistent feelings of helplessness, and grief at the loss of trust in the belief in a loving and capable God.

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I have found great solace and direction in this book. I want to LIVE, not have this condition dominate me. Already I've found startling insights, profound truths, a way forward, and have felt a renewed desire to look forward, not down. Although most examples are about death of loved one, I have found it deeply meaningful for my struggles.

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It brings up a lot of emotion, but its the good kind of pain - the kind that has sunlight on the other side, rather than perpetuating darkness. If you suffer intractable chronic pain, this book may help you as it has me. This book was full of one liners that comforted and taught me about grief and pain. As members of the church, we covenant to "mourn with those that mourn" and I have learned that many need to learn more about this very sensitive subject and read more books like this one!

What is Grief?

It can be easy to be hard on yourself when you are grieving, but just think of what you are going through, and how you would treat a friend in the same situation. Try to surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Not everyone will make the cut, and you may need to limit time around people that are not supportive. Some people find attending a grief support group is helpful, while other people find the community they need in their current list of friends.

Honor your grief. Some people try to stay busy, but the only way out is through.

Grieving Mother Turns Pain Into Promise For Other Families

Try to find a balance between turning into your grief, and taking a break from it. This is something many of us do naturally, and is explained in detail in the Dual Process Model of Mourning. In fact, grief professionals agree that grief can impact us on six different levels:.

For most of us, the experience of grief is uncomfortable and at times may seem intolerable. What determines how you will feel when you are grieving?

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Our reaction to loss is influenced by several interpersonal and intrapersonal factors:. There is no right way to grieve. Because our relationship was unique, our experience of grief is, too. Instead, learn how to be with what you feel naturally. It is worth noting that our grief is not limited to human beings. Many of us feel very distraught when our companion animals die.

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And what about grieving celebrities? While the intensity and duration might understandably be much shorter than the grief we feel for a close family member, we can in fact feel grief for someone we have never met.