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Open with Crystalline Crangor to double your healing. Cast Forbidden Healing on yourself. Run out both Priest of the Feast and Radiant Elemental.

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Once your spells are discounted, heal your face with your hero power and cast both Flash Heals on yourself. Shadow Word: Pain the Radiant Elemental to get the last bits of healing you need. This one also starts by playing Radiant Elemental and Priest of the Feast. Do that four times in a row. Though this is the first puzzle, it requires some finesse. First heal your face with your hero power.

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  • Hero power yourself another time and heal yourself twice with both Flash Heals. Play a coin and cast Light of the Naaru on your face. Play a coin and use Voodoo Doctor to heal your face. Cast poison seeds again to get the mana you need to run out Tree of Life. Start this one off with Forked Lightning. To get more healing, play Murmuring Elemental and Refreshment Vendor. Lava Burst one of the Turret Sentinels to get your crystals back and then use the mana to cast Healing Wave on yourself and drop Antique Healbot. Play Shudderwock to win.

    Boomsday by Christopher Buckley

    Play both Ancestral Spirits on Corrupted Healbot so that it will come back twice. Magnetize double Replicating Menace on Microbot. Attack it into Turret Sentinel and cast Spirit Lash. Attack one Rusty Recycler into Turret Sentinel. Put Rockbiter Weapon on the Recycler that has not attacked and kill the Sentinel.

    Cast Healing Wave on your face and get the rest of the health by using Jinyu Waterspeaker on yourself. This is another middle puzzle with a lot of steps.


    Play Breakout and attack Soulpriest into Abomination. Put Elixir of Life onto Lightwarden, attack into the Abomination with Light Warden and then hero power to heal your face. Play Brrrloc, targeting a Turret Sentinel. Drop down Hallazeal and cast Reincarnate on the non-frozen Sentinel.

    When does The Boomsday Project release?

    Play Ancestral Spirit on the non-frozen Sentinel and eat it with Moat Lurker to get quite a few minions on the board. They all benefit from magnetic, and are battling it out to be the new home of the mech,. Related: Upcoming Xbox One Games. Warrior features the expansions titular Dr.

    The hero upgrade buffs all your mechs with rush for the rest of the game, allowing you to up the tempo and push for a win. Expect decks that hit hard after dropping Dr.

    See a Problem?

    Boom, then refresh their minions using Omega Assembly. Hunter gets some of the best magnetic minions. Spider Bomb and Venomizer are both extremely good at removing your opponents key pieces, while Fireworks Tech allows you to buff your mechs and trigger their deathrattles early. It might not reach the top tiers, but a build that summons a load of Goblin Bombs and forces your opponent to destroy them is a lot of fun.

    The Doomsday Project brings a lot of genuinely interesting new cards, abilities and archetypes into the game. Rogue gets even more tools that allow it to steal and cast cards from their opponents class, shaman gets cards that allow it to focus on casting big spells, while warlock gets the impressive Doubling Imp, which once buffed brings a lot of stats for only three mana. So many of the key cards needed for the more competitive decks are the rarer ones.

    Related: Best PC Games. Even at the lower ranks of play it felt like most decks faced were cribbed from online decklists, meaning that experimental decks or those constructed from limited card pools faced relentlessly tough match-ups. The buy-in to just have a competitive deck feels higher and higher with each release.

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    Which would be fine, if only there were more ways to play the game. I just wish there was more. It would be great to see some changes in the modes — ways to bring new players into the games and increase their card pools, giving them more ways to play tournaments and drafts against friends. Hopefully the new single player content, The Puzzle Lab, changes that.

    Hearthstone’s ‘Boomsday’ expansion brings mad science to the card game

    There are over challenges to beat, with a card back to win for beating the boss Dr. The expansion is out now, with The Puzzle Lab releasing on the 21st August.

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