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Everything here foretells my happiness. What ecstasies for my heart! Return to the fields, etc. One is ennobled by victory; the world will approve my choice. Can I doubt victory when I obey love? Mathilde, constante, Ira sous ta tente Recevoir ta foi. Mathilde, constante, Viendra sous ma tente Recevoir ma foi. Je retourne aux champs de la gloire In the one who loves you, yes, it is honour itself that rules. Mathilde, ever faithful, will go into your tent to receive your faith. Mathilde, ever faithful, will come into my tent to receive my faith.

I return to the fields of glory Yes - in the one who loves you, yes, it is honour itself, etc. Tell et Walter entrent. TELL Nous craignons de troubler un si doux entretien. TELL Non Walter and William, yes, flee from their presence! Mathilde leaves. Tell and Walter enter. TELL You weren't alone here?

TELL We fear to disturb such a sweet conversation. TELL No What do they matter to Melchthal if he is deserting our ranks, if he secretly aspires to serve our tyrants? TELL Elle est notre ennemie. TELL Nos droits? TELL Myself; your conduct yesterday cast suspicion into my startled heart. Your suspicions? TELL would be correct. TELL She is our enemy. TELL Our rights? A word will tell you them all: do you really know what it is to love one's fatherland? Un vieillard, dites-vous? I am leaving this shore inhabited by discord and hatred and fear, worthy daughters of slavery; I hasten into battles to regain my honour.

TELL When Helvetia is a field of tortures where they harvest its children, let your arms be Gessler's accomplices, fight and die for our tyrants, fight and die for our tyrants, etc. ARNOLD The camps restore my courage; in the camps loyalty reigns, already glory has marked my passage in them, besides, it replaces freedom.

Already glory, etc. WALTER On account of us Gessler, as a prelude to battles, has cut short an old man's life; this victim awaits his funeral rites, he has claims on your help. He has cut short an old man's life, he has claims on your help. An old man, you say? TELL To speak is to strike him to the heart. Ses jours, etc. TELL Il frissonne Melchthal, the honour of our hamlets, your father, assassinated by the hand of executioners! O crime! I die. His life that they dared to outlaw - I did not protect it! His life. My father, you must have cursed me!

My heart is torn by remorse!

Francaise en trio son mari cocu

O heaven, O heaven! I shall see no more! TELL He shudders TELL He scarcely breathes. Remorse rends him, he is moved at his father's name, his heart is cast down for ever. His unhappiness I hope will restore his virtues to him, etc. Il est donc vrai! TELL Ton devoir. TELL Il faut vivre! Dans Altdorf voulez-vous me suivre? O heaven, o heaven! I shall see you no more!. So it is true! What to do? TELL Your duty.

TELL You must live!

« L'Argent fini, l'amour est envolé... »

Will you follow me into Altdorf? TELL Restrain the wild passions to which your soul gives way. TELL The night, favourable to our plans, already surrounds us with a protective darkness. You will see, in these parts that Gessler believes submissive, courageous friends rise up on all sides: they will understand your tears. TELL Silence! TELL Qui s'avance? Let us fire ourselves with a holy frenzy! When he dies for his country his glorious destiny seems to tell us that it was for the palms of martyrdom to crown so many virtues!

It was for the palms Let us fire ourselves with a holy frenzy, etc. TELL A confused noise seems to be coming out of the depths of the vast wood. TELL Who comes forward? Friends of the fatherland! TELL O joy!

Les Humains Associés : Et si on parlait d'amour

Sous l'escorte de la prudence Notre audace au Rutli nous a fait parvenir, etc. Que ce bois solitaire Seul connaisse nos pleurs! The torrents, the forests have not been able to hold us back. TELL O you courageous sons of the canton of Unterwalden, this noble alacrity contains nothing to surprise us.

WALTER They'll know how to imitate it: a distant horn call I hear the horn of our brothers of Schwyz sounding; be proud of your children, o my country! The men of Schwyz enter. May this lonely wood alone be aware of our tears! TELL to Arnold and Walter The fear of such great misfortunes is pardonable; but believe in my hope, their hearts will respond to ours.

Honour to their presence! TELL Qui vient? Amis de la patrie! TELL Who comes? TELL placing himself in the midst of the deputies from the three cantons The avalanche rolling down from our mountain tops, hurling death upon our fields, encloses within its flanks evils less ravenous than each pace of the tyrants sows after it.

Un esclave n'a point de femme, Un esclave n'a point d'enfants! C'est trop souffrir, que faut-il faire? Il aimait sa patrie! For a thousand years our unconquerable forefathers defended their ancient liberties; does their race die out in you? TELL Bowed under the wrongs you have suffered, if you no longer feel the burden of your chains, think at least of your families; your fathers, your wives, your daughters no longer have sanctuary in your homes. TELL Friends, against this infamous yoke humanity protests in vain; our oppressors are triumphant.

A slave has no wife, a slave has no children! This is to suffer too much, what must we do? What was his crime? He loved his fatherland! TELL Soyons digne enfin du sang dont nous sortons. Dans l'ombre et le silence, Du glaive et de la lance Armez les trois cantons. Jurons, jurons par nos dangers Au Dieu des rois et des bergers TELL Let us at least be worthy of the blood from which we spring.

In the darkness and in silence with sword and lance arm the three cantons. TELL Tomorrow for us will dawn the day of vengeance, will you help us? TELL Ready to overcome? TELL Ready to die? TELL Let the loyal clasping of our hands confirm these sacred promises. Let us swear, let us swear by our dangers Jurons, par nos dangers, etc. Tous nous le jurons, tous nous le jurons! TELL De victoire! TOUS Aux armes, aux armes, aux armes! Let us swear by our dangers, etc. We all of us swear it, we all of us swear it! TELL Of victory! ALL To arms! Is that the tender farewell I was hoping to hear?

You are leaving, but soon we shall be able to see each other again? Pour toujours, pour toujours je perds le bonheur. Ma raison, etc. I renounce the favours of fate, I renounce all that I love, glory, you yourself! Go on! All hope for our love is over when my life has scarcely begun, all hope for our love, etc. I lose my happiness for ever, for ever! Yes, Melchthal, a barbarian's crime separates us, my wandering reason has understood your grief.

My wandering reason, etc. Braving the servitude of fate, in vain have I given you my faith; what loneliness in my court! You will no longer be near me. Finally, to complete my misery, a crime deprives you of a father and I cannot mourn him with you, Et je ne puis le pleurer avec toi, Et je ne puis le pleurer avec toi! Un crime te prive, etc. Des chants! Des cris! Moi, fuir! Les entends-tu?

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A crime deprives you, etc. Destiny, despite your rage, this sad heart will always preserve the image of my liberator. Destiny, despite your rage, etc. Flee from the Governor's palace, flee from the Governor's palace, his joy is always deadly; flee, if ever I was dear to you! I, flee! My soul follows you, etc. Their joy insults my griefs! Do you hear them? Flee, if ever I was dear to you! Adieu, Melchthal! Adieu, c'est pour toujours! Farewell, Melchthal! Farewell, it is for ever!

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By renouncing my love I give him more than my life. Farewell, Mathilde! Scene Two The main square in Altdorf, where preparations are in hand for a festival. Here and there stand apple and lime trees. Gessler's castle is in the background. Workmen are busy putting up a platform where the Court are to take their seats; others are setting up, towards the back of the stage, a "trophy" composed of the Governor's arms and surmounted by his hat. Glory to the supreme power!

Awe to Gessler, who dispenses its laws! Yes, yes, it is the Emperor himself who hurls anathema through his terrible voice! Que chacun, etc. Yes, yes, it is the Emperor himself, etc. Glory to the supreme power, etc. Let us hope for Mathilde's laws! What need is there for a diadem? Love is a supreme power, equal to that of kings.

Let everyone, etc. During the following the people are made to pass by in groups, and forced to bow before the trophy. For a century now its power has deigned to grant a support to your weakness. On that day, our rights, sealed by victory, were extended over your ancestors. Through your songs and your games celebrate the memory of such a glorious day, I will it! Un des lieutenants de Gessler fait entrer par la force des Tyroliens et des Tyroliennes qui dansent au son des voix seulement.

Toi qui n'es pas De ces climats, Vers nos frimas Tu reviendras. Ils dansent. Here the festivities begin. One of Gessler's lieutenants has had brought in forcibly some Tyrolean men and girls who dance to the sound of voices only. In our fields the sons of the mountains to their partners will teach your steps. You whom the bird would not follow, fit your steps to our tunes! You who are not of these climes, to our frosts you will return. MEN Come blend your steps with our songs! Stranger so fleet, do you wish to please? Ah, do not run away! The fresh flower is less beautiful when your steps go near it.

The fresh flower compared with her is pale and without attractions. Come blend your steps with our songs! Stranger so fleet, etc. They dance. MEN Come blend your songs, etc. Gessler's soldiers force the Swiss women to dance with them: the people show by their gestures their indignation at this violence.

At the conclusion of the dance they all prostrate themselves before the trophy. Some soldiers drag forward Tell and his son, whom they have noticed still standing in the middle of the scene. TELL Taking your strength from their weakness you can degrade this people, but I, I do not recognise the law that prescribes for me a base action. For him we have everything to fear! TELL Standing, I honour power when it frees us from a shameful slavery, but the independence of my brow bends before God alone. My voice and the perils threaten you together; see these arms, see these soldiers.

TELL Serais-je devant toi, si je craignais la mort? TELL May he be the last! May he be the last! He defies, he threatens, come, no mercy, let's disarm him. Such arrogance wearies me. No, no mercy, let's disarm him. TELL Mortal disgrace! Espoir de ma race, etc. Hope of my line, etc. Ah, let me, etc. He defies, he threatens, let's disarm him, come, let's disarm him, etc. Let's disarm him, etc. Tell's crossbow and quiver are taken from him.

TELL Le seul. TELL Le saveur? Pour un habile archer partout on te renomme. TELL Que dis-tu? TELL in a low voice, to Jemmy Rejoin your mother, I order it, let the fire blaze out on our hill-tops and give the three cantons the signal for battle! TELL The only one. TELL To save him? What is his crime? You are celebrated everywhere as a skilful archer.

TELL What are you saying? Non, le crime est trop grand. Il est un Dieu, Gessler! TELL montrant le ciel Il nous entend! TELL Je ne le puis. Abominable loi! Il s'agenouille. La peur l'atteint, un mot l'accable. TELL Ah, je crains tout de ma tendresse. No, the crime is too great.

You have no child! There is a God, Gessler! TELL pointing to the sky He hears us! TELL I cannot. TELL Stop! Abominable decree! You triumph over weakness; Jemmy's peril imposes a base action upon me, Gessler; and I bend the knee before you. He kneels. Fear overtakes him, a word crushes him. TELL rising to his feet again This punishment at least is just; you punish me for having been able to forget myself.

Plus de faiblesse, plus d'alarmes ; Qu'on me rende mes armes : Je suis Guillaume Tell enfin! Non, non, libre au moins je mourrai. The calm in your heart has steadied my hand. No more weakness, no more alarms; give me back my weapons: I am William Tell at last! Tell's bow and quiver are given back to him; bending low, he selects two bolts, one of which he conceals in his garments. At this moment one of Mathilde's pages is seen leaving the stage and running off towards the castle. What an insult! No, no, free at least will I die. I expose my head to the fatal shot without murmur, and I shall await it without blanching.

The accents of innocence do not disarm his vengeance? TELL At the sound of his voice my hand lets slip my weapons, my eyes are clouded by dangerous tears My son! Gessler nods assent and Jemmy runs towards his father. Demeure ainsi, mais regarde les cieux, Demeure ainsi, mais regarde les cieux. Le moindre mouvement, le moindre mouvement Elle nous attend tous les deux! TELL Ciel! Stay like that, but look up at the sky, stay like that, but look up at the sky. In threatening this beloved head this steel tip may startle your eyes. Move as little as you can, as little as you can Jemmy, Jemmy, think of your mother!

She waits for us both! Jemmy, Jemmy, think of your mother, etc. Jemmy quickly returns to his position at the stake. Tell gazes dully round the assembly. When his eye falls on Gessler his hand unconsciously moves to the place where he has concealed the second bolt; finally, he takes aim, shoots, and the apple flies off the child's head.

TELL Heaven! Je succombe au bonheur. TELL embrassant son fils Je n'ai plus peur. Sacrifice affreux! I am overcome by happiness. Let us help my father! I have saved my dearest treasure! TELL embracing his son I'm no longer afraid. Enter Mathilde with her ladies and pages. What did I hear? Atrocious sacrifice! Seigneur, seigneur, il faut m'entendre. Le fils aussi! Au nom du souverain, je le prends sous ma garde. Quand tout un peuple, etc. Des fers puniront ta vertu, Des fers puniront ta vertu. His son? A child! My lord, my lord, you must hear me.

Nothing can suspend it. In the Sovereign's name I take him under my protection. With a whole indignant people looking on at you, dare, dare to snatch him from my arms! With a whole indignant people, etc. Shackles will punish your virtue, shackles will punish your virtue. But the winds, the storm? L'habile nautonier n'est-il pas avec moi? Is not the expert boatman with me? At the castle that the lake surrounds a new torment awaits him.

Have mercy! No, no, no, never! La vertu la plus rare Va tomber sous ses coups! Les coups de la vengeance. TELL When my death is being prepared may my son, o barbarian, escape from your blows! The rarest of virtue will fall beneath his blows! These words are succeeded by a moment of stupefaction among the people. Vive Gessler! Long live Gessler! Anathema on Gessler! O torments of hell!

Les soldats chargent la foule qui se disperse dans la plus grande consternation. La mort que j'envisage, etc. Gessler, Rodolphe and the soldiers force a way through the crowd dragging Tell with them. Mathilde leaves with Jemmy. The soldiers charge the crowd which disperses in a state of the greatest anxiety. Ah, let your soul be reassured, etc. You require him to direct his shots against his son, you cause your anger to fall upon a child? But into my breast he has put his courage.

Even if at the pleasure of your wrath death becomes my lot, go on, from his hand it will seem sweet, etc. I await the trial with courage, and I await it at your knees. I implore it, I implore it with courage, yes, I await it at your knees. The death that I face smiles upon my young soul, I await the trial with courage, I implore it, I implore it at your knees. The death that I face, etc. I implore it at your knees!

Guillaume est dans les fers, et mon impatience Presse le moment des combats. Dans cette enceinte quel silence! J'appelle, il n'entend plus ma voix! Je viens vous voir, etc. Nous voulons tous le secourir. William is in chains and my impatience urges on the moment for battle. How silent it is in this place! I listen - and I hear only the sound of my own footsteps. I must drive out a secret terror!

I must go in! In spite of myself I halt upon the threshold; my father is dead, I shall not go back in there. Ancestral home where my eyes opened to the light of day, only yesterday your protective shelter offered a father to my love. I call in vain, o bitter grief! I call, he no longer hears my voice! Beloved walls within which my father dwelt, I come to see you for the last time!

I come to see you, etc. Ancestral home where my eyes opened to the light of day, beloved walls within which my father dwelt, I come to see you for the last time! I hear alarm-cries. We all want to help him. Des armes! Courons armer nos bras! Enfin le glaive arme nos bras, etc. D'Altdorf les chemins sont ouverts. Suivez moi! Arms, give us arms, and we shall know how to die. Give us arms! ARNOLD William and my father long since foresaw the hour for battle: under the rock, at the back of the lonely chalet, run and arm yourselves, run and arm yourselves!

Let's run and arm ourselves!

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  7. For you, who deprive my love of my father and my mistress, is death enough, is death enough? At last we have swords to arm us, etc. If our leader is in fetters it is to us his defence belongs; the roads to Altdorf are open, the roads to Altdorf are open.

    Follow me! Let us cheat the murderous hope of a treacherous monster, let us cheat his murderous hope; let us wrest William from his blows!

    Série - Maitresse d'un homme marié - Episode 34 - VOSTFR

    Let us wrest William from his blows! Suivons-le, aux combats, Suivons-le, aux combats. D'Altdorf les chemins sont ouverts, D'Altdorf les chemins sont ouverts, Suivez-moi. This task is worthy of us! Let us follow him, into battle. The roads to Altdorf are open, the roads to Altdorf are open, follow me. Let's follow him! Aux combats Ou victoire Yes, let us cheat the murderous hope of a cruel and treacherous tyrant, this task is worthy of us!

    Aux armes! To arms! La mort, la mort! Thick clouds, harbingers of a storm, line the horizon. On a high eminence can be seen Tell's cottage. In this enclosed spot, bristling with rocks, the waves are breaking with fury. Your grief bewilders you, do you not hear our enemies? I am following them. Le sexisme se porte bien et les chroniqueurs le caressent. On ne s'en lasse pas en ; quelques mesures et chacun fredonne. Seuls les riches seraient-ils sujets aux passions? Deux ans passent. Une jeune fille consolera Seydou. En vain. Seydou regrette et souffre.

    Il en a honte. Tel ne fut pas son choix. Et les familles ne se font pas faute d'adresser des demandes, d'ajouter aux charges. Des marchandises, elles aussi, entretenues pour la galerie. Pourquoi pas? Manque ici la version des femmes, leurs intimes adversaires. Qui gagnera? Cependant, ce dernier se pratique encore beaucoup plus rarement que l'union traditionnelle. Les citations qui suivront sont extraites de ce texte. Prenons un exemple : deux filles vivent ensemble. Liste des illustrations Photographie - Sans titre [link] Photographie - Sans titre [link].

    Stendhal, De l'Amour1. Paul se fait construire une villa avec l'aide de la BNEC. Notes 1. Am Atta, art. Kinimax, art. Kinimax, art cit.