A Menina Sem Nome (Portuguese Edition)

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Portuguese English Translator. Translate from Portuguese to English and from English to Portuguese. Portuguese - English Translato. With this translator you can easily translate from Portuguese to English. Portuguese - English. Much more than a dictionary. Dictionary, translator, training apps and more Offline English Portuguese Dictionary. Vexigo Studio. Over Pro Languages. Everyone who saw her liked her, but most of all her grandmother, who did not know what to give the child next.

Once she gave her a little cap made of red velvet. Because it suited her so well, and she wanted to wear it all the time, she came to be known as Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother. She is sick and weak, and they will do her well.

Mind your manners and give her my greetings.

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Behave yourself on the way, and do not leave the path, or you might fall down and break the glass, and then there will be nothing for your sick grandmother. The grandmother lived out in the woods, a half hour from the village. When Little Red Riding Hood entered the woods a wolf came up to her. She did not know what a wicked animal he was, and was not afraid of him. We baked yesterday, and they should give her strength. There's a hedge of hazel bushes there.

You must know the place," said Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf thought to himself: "Now there is a tasty bite for me. Just how are you going to catch her? Why don't you go and take a look? And I don't believe you can hear how beautifully the birds are singing. You are walking along as though you were on your way to school in the village.

Little Red Riding Hood (ENGLISH) - Chapeuzinho Vermelho (PORTUGUESE)

It is very beautiful in the woods. She thought: "If a take a bouquet to grandmother, she will be very pleased. Anyway, it is still early, and I'll be home on time. Alternative stories and complete scoring criteria for items and general themes gist. The tables below may be used as scoring sheets for each story.

Disclosure: The authors report no conflicts of interest. Author contributions. Silvia Bolognani. Study conception, methodology, data presentation, discussion and writing the initial draft and revision. Monica Miranda. Study conception, methodology, discussion, critical review. Methodology, data presentation, discussion. Patricia Rzezak. Study conception, methodology, data presentation, discussion.

Orlando Bueno. Study conception, methodology, discussion, critical review, supervision. Sabine Pompeia.

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Find articles by Silvia Adriana Prado Bolognani. Find articles by Monica Carolina Miranda. Find articles by Marjorie Martins. Find articles by Patricia Rzezak.

Atiradores matam oito após invasão de escola e um deles mata o comparsa antes de cometer suicídio

Find articles by Orlando Francisco Amodeo Bueno. Find articles by Candida Helena Pires de Camargo. Find articles by Sabine Pompeia. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. E-mail: rb. Received Mar 16; Accepted Jun 5. Copyright notice. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Abstract The logical memory test of the Wechsler Memory Scale is one of the most frequently used standardized tests for assessing verbal memory and consists of two separate short stories each containing 25 idea units. Objective To present three alternative stories for each of the original stories frequently used in Brazil Ana Soares and Roberto Mota and to show their similarity in terms of content, structure and linguistic characteristics.

Methods The alternative stories were developed according to the following criteria: overall structure or thematic content presentation of the character, conflict, aggravation or complements and resolution ; specific structure sex of the character, location and occupation, details of what happened ; formal structure number of words, characters, verbs and nouns ; and readability.

Results The alternative stories and scoring criteria are presented in comparison to the original WMS stories Brazilian version.

Development of alternative versions of the Logical Memory subtest of the WMS-R for use in Brazil

Conclusion The alternative stories presented here correspond well thematically and structurally to the Brazilian versions of the original stories. Keywords: logical memory, episodic memory, prose recall, memory test, stories. Grammatical structure and details: all stories were equivalent regarding the grammatical classes of words, number of words, letters, verbs and nouns per idea item and in total; Units of general topics gist : units that summarize the essential ideas of the excerpts of the story were considered, allowing little specific recollection to be granted a point on the secondary scoring system as mentioned in the introduction section.

Table 1 Stories translated and adapted by Camargo et al. Resolution Os policiais Resolution Naquele instante, seu radio amador tocados pela historia da mulher tocou. Open in a separate window. Table 2 Stories translated and adapted by Camargo et al. Depois de 30 minutos para ela. Comparability criteria No.


Ele percebeu desamarrou. Pediu livros emprestados, Pegou livros para estudar para ela. Esconderam, Perderam no lugar certo. Cuidar da lavoura, Cultivar, Transportar que ficou verde como Esmeralda.