Murder in the Wings: A Jack Dwyer Novel (The Jack Dwyer Mysteries Book 3)

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They would take her to the closest hospital and the police would decide what to do from there. Edelman had also brought along a big red thermos full of steaming coffee, which we shared as we stood at the railing overlooking the river. I smiled back. Now the kids who called him names were pencil-pushers and Edelman had earned the right to ask them with his eyes: Who was a sissy and who was not?

Like many of us, Edelman spends his older years trying to compensate for the pain of his younger ones. We stood silently for a time, blowing into the paper cups of coffee, watching a few straggling birds pumping against the dismal, sunless sky. When we were growing up, friend usually meant somebody of the same sex, you know? He paused. You mean you slept with her? Confused about a lot of things. My feelings, mostly. I had all these plans for us, including marriage.

She worked at an advertising agency and fell in love with a guy named Stephen Elliot there. She left me for him. A good Catholic boy like you should maybe think that God was paying you back for living in sin. That happened to me, just before I met Shirley. This little Polish girl. Goddamn, she was cute. She kept telling me how much she liked me and I took her real serious. Greatest diet in the world, Edelman said. My parents wanted me to stay heartbroken. He paused, trying to be delicate. With my ex-wife, my mother and father, and every single person I knew on the force, what I want to do with my life will always be the acting thing —something pretty abstract and crazy, as that phrase implies.

What happened was this: One of the local TV stations asked me to play a cop in a public service announcement about drunk drivers. Then a talent agent called and asked me if I would be interested in other parts on a moonlighting basis, which I was. Then my marriage started coming apart. I suppose I got obsessive about acting in front of a camera where I could put off the guilt and pain. I decided, against the advice of everybody I knew and to the total befuddlement of my captain, to give up the force and try to become a full-time actor, supporting myself in the meantime with a P.

Maybe more than a bit, as certain smirks and eye-smiles sometimes conveyed. Only my fourteen-year-old son seems to understand even a bit of my motivation. He always gives me a sad, loving kind of encouragement. I wanted to be a surgeon at one time. I laughed. Maybe you should start cutting people up. You know, practice it a while, see if you like it. The way I did with acting at first. A uniformed man came running down the hill from his patrol car, through the slushy dead grass and the wraiths of fog and the winter cold.

Edelman shook his head and put his big hand on my shoulder. The he he had in mind had just been loaded onto a gurney and could now be distinguished only as a lumpy shape inside a shiny black body bag. Two ambulance attendants, obviously bored with the scene, waited impatiently for Malachie to give the word. I count four different stations out there, Malachie said, parting the curtains. I hope wherever Mr. Malachie, a tall, slender man with dirty-gray hair and a beagle face, shrugged his shoulders and looked.

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Gorman considered himself a genre writer. I am a genre writer. For his Dev Conrad series, Gorman drew upon his years as a political operative. Gorman was one of the founders of Mystery Scene magazine, and served as editor and publisher until Kirkus Reviews has called him "One of the most original crime writers around. Though Gorman was long considered to be a "prolific" writer, his pace of production slowed markedly after he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in ; it was incurable.

His collection The Dark Fantastic was nominated for the same award in He was nominated for multiple Anthonys in short story categories. He was nominated for the Edgar Award. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.