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You will find that, once the word gets around that there are journalists who really want to know the facts and are willing to work to obtain them, many of the government employees have more courage than you do, and a greater sense of shame over the acts of their government in the name of security. You will find that there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of government employees at least as willing as journalists to risk their careers.

For starters, here are some key agencies, names, and phone numbers. More instructions will follow, if needed, with helpful hints on what constitutes an impeachable offense high crimes , gross violations of law, and blatant lying to Congress and the American people. Members: President George W. Peter Pace.

The Fourth Branch of Government is Out of Control

John D. Michael V. Secretary of Defense Donald H. You will discover that the three military service chiefs have been moved down in the line of succession, pushed beneath three civilian undersecretaries from the inner circle of Rumsfeld and who previously worked for Vice President Cheney--starting with the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Stephen Cambone.

Keep looking and you will find the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs; the chiefs of staff of the military services; and the heads of the combatant commands.

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Phone: Circulate, members of the Fourth Estate, circulate! There is no story in Washington that cannot be broken. You are backed up by the resources of powerful institutions; and mighty historical precedents for how a free press should function in a national security state. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? This is judicial modesty. But modesty can go too far. Federal law the Administrative Procedure Act requires courts to "hold unlawful" agency actions that are arbitrary or capricious, that violate the Constitution, or that exceed their authority. Turley and others contend Chevron has tilted the scales too far.

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He says it is "the administrative equivalent of Marbury v. Madison" —except that, unlike Marbury, it has made executive agencies rather than the courts the final arbiter of their own behavior.

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The very day Turley was making that case, the Justice Department was taking steps to prove him right. It sent a "Dear Colleague" letter to state courts in all 50 states lecturing them about the harm done by the imposition of fines and fees on poor defendants, especially when those fines and fees become a source of revenue for local governments. The letter laid out seven principles to guide the behavior of courts, and urged court officials "to review court rules and procedures within your jurisdiction to ensure that they comply with due process, equal protection, and sound public policy.

Let's stipulate right away that such practices are highly dubious and ripe for reform. That said, on what authority does an arm of the executive branch presume to dictate the activity of the judiciary—not only with regard to issues that are constitutional, such as due process and equal protection, but also with regard to those that aren't, such as public policy? If you're sympathetic to the Justice Department's concerns—and all good people should be—it might be helpful to turn the circumstances around. Imagine for a moment that judges took it upon themselves to instruct the Justice Department about what sort of cases it ought to bring, based on the judges' opinions about "sound public policy.

Even more pernicious abuse has come from the Education Department, beginning with a "Dear Colleague" letter to colleges and universities that shifted the burden of proof in sexual harassment cases. Schools across the country promptly followed the directive , even though there have been serious questions about the legal basis for issuing the letter in the first place. When pressed by Sen.

How To Fight The Fourth Branch Of Government

Jim Lankford R-Okla. Those law professors include 16 from the University of Pennsylvania. She wrote this in the introductory part of the paper, overcome with gratitude for the professionalism, relevance and critical approach of her media house. They will not survive otherwise, she said. True, the print media sales are dropping in Slovenia, with rare exceptions among them is Demokracija , because people do not feel like paying for the newspapers anymore.

This is partly due to the fact that the news is increasingly being sought on online media and social networks, and partly it is because people no longer trust the media.

However, this is neither the fault of the state nor of the consumers. If a newspaper operates at a loss because there are not enough readers and advertisers, the owner has two options: to recapitalize it and allow it to continue, or to simply abolish it. There would be no harm done if a newspaper stopped coming out. It would be sad, but that's how the market works.

If the readers do not buy or watch it anymore, because they find it to be a waste of money and time, the state should not interfere, least of all subsidize it with the money of all net taxpayers, or even worse — to finance it to the extent that it would be free. So, I am just waiting for someone to say sooner or later, it is going to happen that getting a free copy of the newspaper is a human right.

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Not any paper, but one that suits the ruling ideology, based on cultural Marxism and multiculturalism of today. The European guidelines already exist.

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  • For example, there is a recommendation that journalists should not report on the nationality of the offenders. Of course, this is because today the most prevalent criminals in Europe are the illegal migrants.