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In their pursuit of dirty money, they encounter treason among family and friends I would have liked to see more character and scene development displaying growth with their age and more emotional exhibits instead of just matter of fact situations. Part 2 cinched this as a commendable read. The cliffhanger ending left the reader further intrigued with even more questions Lisa Borders Diva's Literary World. It is off tha chain!!!!!!

Caroline McGill bought the house down with the continuing stories of Twyla and Elle.

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This author does it again. I brought the book last year and when I saw that there was a part two on E-book I of course brought it only to find out that it was a continuation of the 1st book. I am disappointed that that information was not giving - stating that the first book is broken down in some many parts for the E-book.

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This is the first time that I have encountered that. C part 2 Off tha chain. You did it again, OMG!!!!!!!!! Can' t wait for H. C part 3 "Rebel is a cause" in November Imma keep a look out forsho, of the con't saga with H. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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Gender politics are foremost. It became kind of a joke to us. But I watched it and it just stayed in my head — because it was so weird. I really loved the whole premise. Not a remake but a reinterpretation. I would never. From its female gaze to its dusty-rose palette, the film is certainly feminised — but did Coppola intend it as a feminist work, as some critics claim it is?

Sofia Coppola: ‘I never felt I had to fit into the majority view’ | Film | The Guardian

Coppola prefers not to think schematically about such things. She has admitted to being unfamiliar with the Bechdel test , the frequently cited academic measure of the extent to which female characters talk to each other in the space of a screenplay — a test The Beguiled nonetheless passes with flying colours. For the New York-born, California-reared Coppola, it was also a chance to explore a different part of America. Even with the costumes and hair, we tried to refer to the period but make it so you could connect.

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Coppola delights in such prettiness, and not just for its own sake — The Beguiled , she felt, was a necessary corrective to the harsher, harder Los Angeles glare of The Bling Ring , a caustic drama based on the true story of a gang of bored, wealthy Beverly Hills teens who take to celebrity house burglary. This one actually reminded me of Virgin Suicides , that kind of pastel world — I wanted the story to be very feminine and non-threatening, until a man comes into it. Eighteen years into her directorial career, Coppola has weathered any number of sexist jibes against her work — dismissing her aesthetic as decorative or insubstantial in terms that comparable stylists such as Wes Anderson hear less often — and remains unfazed.

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