The White Guard

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Elemental peasant fury ran amok through the cold and the snow, a fury in torn bast shoes, straw in its matted hair; a fury which howled. It held in its hands a huge club, without which no great change in Russia, it seems, can ever take place. In my cradle made of trace-ropes The gun crew would rock me to sleep. Like a burst of flame the vodka poured out of Kozyr's gray army canteen and through his veins.

And there in heaven, Deep in a vaporous Ravine, Like a shaggy old bear Licking his paws, Lurks the daddy of us all -- God. When the shooting stars Use my words as bullets, Crimson with hate. Those swine at headquarters.

The White Guard

It's enough to make one turn Bolshevik. Learn the History of: Zhitomir a. A man only has to be chased with firearms for him to turn into a cunning wolf. In place of his weak and, in really desperate situations, useless intellect, the wisdom of animal instinct will suddenly take over. All the old-timey Russian do it.

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Learn: The Rules of Whist. Join the Cheering Mob. Visit Kiev's: St. Sofia's Cathedral. In the corner of the vast black room stood several huge metal drums filled to overflowing with lumps and scraps of human flesh, strips of skin, fingers and pieces of broken bone. Piled one upon another like logs of wood lay naked, emaciated human bodies. The stench of decay was intolerable. Rows of legs, some rigid, some slack, protruded in layers.

Women's heads lay with tangled and matted hair, their breasts slack, battered and bruised. And the corpse was the only evidence that Petlyrua was not a myth but had really existed. But why had he existed?

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Nobody can say. Will anybody redeem the blood that he shed?

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No one. The snow would just melt, the green Ukrainian grass would grow again and weave its carpet over the earth. The gorgeous sunrises would come again. The air would shimmer with heat above the fields and no more traces of blood would remain.

Blood is cheap on those red fields and no one would redeem it. Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasievich. He had two brothers and four sisters. From to he attended Aleksandrovsky High School and enjoyed the theater. His father died in In he enrolled at the Medical School of Kiev University. In he married Tatiana Lappa.

After graduating from medical school in , he moved to the village of Nikolskoe and later to Vyazam for his obligatory medical service. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news.

The White Guard

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