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I get such mixed emotions at the end of each one her books-I'm sad because it's ending and she's made me fall in love, again, but then excited because I just KNOW who is coming up next! I think what got me this time is that Aspen is more my age, with a kid close to my kids age. It was not your typical Maria story with a younger couple, and it was What did I think? It was not your typical Maria story with a younger couple, and it was great. I felt like there was more to Aspen's backstory that she was hiding, but yet I didn't want to know all the details.

She is like this sassy little wonder woman, but unable to take that risk Dominic is this badass sexy playboy who insert puppy dog eyes just wants to be loved. There are only a handful of books where I have laughed out loud. Giggled at, yes, tons of books. But I actually laughed out loud several times with this book. I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review. Hell, I would have read it without an advanced copy. This book made my day! It was very well written with an amazing HEA and storyline!

The kids in this book stole my heart and I just love the concept of this book.

REVIEW: Kiss Me Tonight by Maria Luis

There are so many kids in this world who would do anything to have a good family and to read about Aspen and her big heart just made me love this book more! Dom is one heck of a good man! Even though he hardly shows his true self to the outside world. This book had all the feels and laughs along with a Lot of meaning put int Brilliant! This book had all the feels and laughs along with a Lot of meaning put into it. I am so glad I took the chance to read this book. It was My first by this Author but it sure won't be my last!

So amazing! View 2 comments. Apr 26, L. Evans rated it it was amazing. Dom and Aspen both have baggage. But they open it, unfold it, and put it away so beautifully in this swoony, funny, and uplifting book in Maria Luis's Put a Ring on It series. Thank goodness she entered my orbit this year! Apr 23, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Aspen is a saucy little thing, "another bump of that clipboard against my chest. Less chance of sand getting into private places that way.

Jan 17, Siobhan rated it really liked it. I was left desperate for the second book, desperate for more of a certain character, and happily jumped into book two the moment I managed to get my hands on it. All in all, Love Me Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. With how much I loved book one, with how desperate I was for this book, it should come as no surprise to know I devoured this one. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I was hooked, addicted, and could not get enough.

I confess, at the start I was a wee bit tentative. Although the story was fun and I enjoyed the characters, I was not as lost to their chemistry as I was to the chemistry in book one. However, the story had plenty of other things to keep me gripped, and I was happy to continue reading. The more I read, the deeper in I was sucked. The more I was sucked in, the more in love with the chemistry I found myself. It may not have hit me from the very start, but it developed throughout the book and had me hooked by the end. In fact, there were plenty of times when I was wearing a stupid smile on my face.

There was more than just a great romance with this story, and all the different elements hooked me. If you enjoyed book one, you need to give this one a read! This book is a must read. This book will always hold a special place in my heart because I could relate to it with being a single parent and wanting to bring your child up in the best possible way.

It was heartwarming and raw and I loved it.

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Maria mixes LOL moments with gut wrenching moments, her writing as beautiful as ever. How she had everything working against her and she still stood with her head held high. The chemistry between Aspen and Dom was scorching. Like off the scales HOT. Mixed with the banter, it just had me hooked. I loved the vulnerable moments between the pair, I loved the sexual tension, I loved that Maria could make me belly laugh one minute and then swoon the next.

A must read book, my new favourite from Maria. May 03, Shanda rated it really liked it. Aspen Levi has just moved back home with her teenage son and has taken the job as head coach. The Levi name is royalty in their hometown.

This is bad news for Dominic DaSilva. He was promised the head coach job. Upon his arrival he learns the the Levi name is more important and he is assigned the Assistant Coach Positon. I loved the power struggle with these two. It was great to read about a female being in the power position. That is not easy for a former Aspen Levi has just moved back home with her teenage son and has taken the job as head coach. That is not easy for a former football star to stomach.

This is my first read by Maria Luis. I really enjoyed it. This is slow burn romance but it is sexy. I felt the characters got lost in their head convos instead of talking on the page. That being said it is clear this author has a lot going for her. I would read another book by her. I will have to check out the first book in this series. Copy provided in exchange for a voluntary review Apr 24, Reviews from the Heart Kimberly Anne rated it it was amazing. This series though.. I am so in love with Aspen and Dominic's story. It held everything I need from a romance novel.

From characters that have REAL personalities, with real world problems. With quirkiness, and hilarity that has me laughing out loud. The chemistry, it was a tale in itself. It felt so natural without being rushed, pure, in the rarest of forms. I also sincerely enjoyed how this author put the lead fe This series though.. Each character was so different, but each evolved wonderfully, kinda like a butterfly. To see their souls come to life, there is just no words.

I am also a HUGE fan of the title being weaved into the book, and every time it was done, I had goosies all over my body. Being the only female in such a domineering sport, it attests to what kind of person she is. She is bold, determined, and can take pretty much anything like a man.

She is a kick butt mom that I could for sure use a lesson from. Dominic was a complex character, that I quickly fell for. He is like an onion, with each layer pealed back, he truly starts to shine. He comes off as the cocky womanizing football God, when he is anything but.

This man has the heart of all hearts, and an simplicity to him that could only come from a difficult life. This guy would make ovaries explode all over the world. When life throws Aspen and Dominic into London, Maine, they know in order to make the best of the best, they have to come together as one. Let me just say, it's easier said than done. May 02, Laura rated it liked it. I was expecting fireworks and an enemies to lovers from the chemistry in that first scene. So, I'm not sure what happened. I did enjoy this, but for some reason, the chemistry fizzled for me and I didn't really buy into the idea that Aspen was attracted to him.

I think, at least for me, the "I am woman, hear me roar" part of the book was too front and center when it could have just been who she was and not made into the issue that I felt it was. There's nothing wrong with a female football coach and it felt like the character and the book to some extent spent a lot of time reminding me of that. Once the romance and the chemistry were the focus, I enjoyed this While I do still recommend this title, it's a little reluctantly and with the caveat that I did not enjoy this one as much as I did the first in the series.

Apr 26, Jacinta rated it it was amazing. How I wish I could give a book more than 5 stars. Kiss Me Tonight put me through so many emotions. I was laughing, I was saying omg that did not just happen, I blushed, I swooned I hated on a person no spoilers here , I smiled, I cheered and I cried Happy tears and I loved every!

Of it. I did not want this book to end. Aspen and Dominic have wormed their way into my heart and I am not letting them go. Do yourself a favour buy this book, read this book and l How I wish I could give a book more than 5 stars. Do yourself a favour buy this book, read this book and love this book. You will not regret it! It's not bad per se. It's fine. Just not good enough to keep my attention. Aspen Levi, a single mom, superior athlete, and survivor is a heroine worthy of the title in my eyes. I admire that drive and ambition and have always routed for the underdog.

Even though she is vulnerable, she is so strong and resilient, and moves back to her hometown to become the head coach of the high school football team in London, Maine. Dom, too, is also a survivor and so very vulnerable. His childhood is heartbreaking and yet he was determined to make something of himself and become a good man. They couldn't be more wrong! Dom is loyal, giving, and loving. He's fun to be around, attentive and very witty! An all-around great guy with awesome abs and reflexes to boot! He also came to London, Maine to get a fresh start and accepts the Assistant football coach of the same team that Aspen was just hired as head coach.

She is his boss and deservingly so as she also as many accolades under her belt as a female footballer. She lives her life with honor and integrity, has a very generous heart, and is such a positive role model. Dom just adores her and it shows. He is proud of her and lets her know. I loved their getting to know one another personally day by day and realizing how much they had in common, including their values, in addition to just being physically drawn to one another.

There is lots of build-up and sexual tension that will keep you turning the pages! Their chemistry is super hot; they feel a deep emotional connection with one another and can finally feel accepted. If anyone deserves happiness, it is Dom and Aspen. I wanted them together from their very first hilarious meeting in a bar. Although this review sounds like a drama, there are many, many funny scenes in this book as well. Maria is always so witty and does so effortlessly through her characters.

Maria writes strong characters who are very interesting and people you would want to get to know in real life. The writing as always with Maria Luis is flawless. The characters flow and grow with each page and you get a real understanding where they are coming from. This book is a standalone, but I was so happy that the characters Nick Stamos and Mia from Hold Me Today were also included and will continue in the third book.

There is an ongoing storyline of Nick and Dominick, who met and became friends while on a reality dating TV show, and I am hoping the bachelorette in the story, Savannah, gets her own HEA! Apr 26, Jackie rated it it was amazing. It can be read as a standalone, but Book 1 was so good, if you haven't already read it, you will definitely want to. I have read every book that Maria has written and I have truly loved every single one.

Kiss me Tonight did not disappoint. I love sports books, but this book had a unique story lin Kiss Me tonight is the second book in the Put a Ring on It Series and I couldn't wait to receive it. I love sports books, but this book had a unique story line. In addition to the sports theme, the book touched on single mothering, an emotionally abusive ex-husband, foster children and kids needing help. As I usually do in Maria's books, I loved the characters. She has such a talent for creating interesting characters and there is always fantastic chemistry and banter between the characters.

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There is a perfect balance of humor, romance and drama to keep you so engrossed in the story that I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I was sorry to see it end because I really wanted more of Aspen and Dom. I highly recommend this book as well as any of Maria's other books. I received an ARC from the author for my honest review Apr 27, Karlyn Weldon rated it it was amazing. I knew that this book was going to be amazing and it was WAY more than just amazing! I cannot even begin to describe all of the thoughts and feelings that this book evoked for me.

I absolutely love single parent romances and this one has definitely secured a spot at the very top of my all time favorites list. Dom has had a piece of my heart ever since I first heard from him in Body Check. After Hold Me Today, I was in a constant state of grabby hands for his story! Ohhhhhh, but OH. Ohhhhhh, but the wait was totally worth it. Maria continues to blow me away with her beautiful words and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

I cannot recommend this book more! You can thank me later!!! Apr 28, Thuy Taylor rated it it was amazing. I am such a sucker for Maria's words and writing!!! I totally fell deeeeep for Dominic, Aspen, Topher, just everything about this book was absolutely insanely good! There was so much depth to this book, the layers upon layers getting peeled away with the characters. You can't help but to fall for Dominic, he's lonely, he didn't have the best childhoo I am such a sucker for Maria's words and writing!!!

You can't help but to fall for Dominic, he's lonely, he didn't have the best childhood, which your heart will absolutely break for him, he's misunderstood but Aspen sees him, understands him. Aspen has spent most of her adult life trapped, but now is finally free to live her life with her son without the major thorn in her side, her ex.

They are sooo freakin adorable. I love Aspen's son, Topher, his friends, his interactions with his mother and with Dominic. I just want to climb into the book and squeeze his cheeks, he is just adorable, caring, sweet and just adores his mother. I can't say enough about Maria's writing, I just want more and more!!! I cannot wait for the next installment of this series!!!! I need it!!!!

Apr 30, Pelusa Rivera rated it really liked it. So we knew I mean knew that we were going to love it, has there really been a book that Maria has written that we don't love? I know you don't even have to answer. I was anxiously yup anxiously waiting for Dom's book and she delivered yet again, again did you doubt? Of course not.. This book has you laughing, yelling and seriously wanting to go thru the book and slap Aspens jerk of an ex, what a sleaze.. I wont get into it because I would be robbing you of the enjoyment that is going to be your t So we knew I mean knew that we were going to love it, has there really been a book that Maria has written that we don't love?

I wont get into it because I would be robbing you of the enjoyment that is going to be your time in reading this book.. Love You Maria and thanks again!!! Rcvd ARC at no cost to author.. Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions.. May 02, AJ Loves to Read rated it it was amazing.

If you haven't read this series you need to!!! May 02, Red Cheeks Reads rated it really liked it. This was my first time reading Maria Luis, and I was impressed with this richly told, exceptionally detailed and well developed story as well as her engaging writing style. I loved Aspen and Dominic together, and I was pulled right into their story from their hilarious first meeting.

Luis surrounded them with interesting and endearing side characters who added depth and dimension to the story, and embroiled them in a sexy and intriguing plot. Apr 27, SCBookAddict rated it it was amazing. I loved everything about Dominic and Aspen's story. Kiss Me Tonight has just become one of my favorites by Maria Luis - something I didn't think would happen considering most of her Blades Hockey series are my favorites of her's! Aspen and Dominic both have insecurities yet the way they deal with them are completely opposite.

Well, you know what they say opposites attract! Both are in London, Maine to coach the high school football team. AND they are neighbors!!! Aspen's has formed not-so-good preconceived notions about Dominic and she's not afraid to let him know. Dominic's somewhat of a smart ss, so he doesn't just take it and the banter between these two is phenomenal! We'll just call it pre-foreplay. Then there is Topher, Aspen's son.

He will steal your heart when you least expect it! I loved how Maria Luis took a cute story, added a few more elements and made this a story with depth that I wasn't expecting. I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for something to read! Apr 26, Novel Grounds rated it it was amazing. I LOVE single mom reads. They are a thing for me as a girl who grew up with a single mom. I loved every page of it. I loved Aspen and every single thing about her life. As emotional as this book was, it was just as heart warming and funny. I swear I legitimately laughed out loud over and over while reading this in between the moments when my heart was swooning or hurting.

I love that Maria writes characters that are not only relatable but they also have flaws. HE is a strong man who has his complexities and pain. But at the end of the day he is a man who has a passion and despite what the news thinks about him, he is a good man. Ugh, but really, all the feels with this read. Write a Review. Shop with points from 3, Add to bag. View Options. Find in store Check Store Availability. Colour: No Colour. Product Description Offers Product Description Product Details This luxurious lip therapy works on contact to help soften roughness and soothe seriously dry lips.

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