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Holy Sonnets: Batter my heart, three-person'd God. Holy Sonnets: Death, be not proud. Holy Sonnets: I am a little world made cunningly. Holy Sonnets: If poisonous minerals, and if that tree.

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Holy Sonnets: Show me dear Christ, thy spouse so bright and clear. Holy Sonnets: Since she whom I lov'd hath paid her last debt. Holy Sonnets: This is my play's last scene.

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Holy Sonnets: Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay? A Hymn to God the Father. The Indifferent. A Lame Begger. A Lecture upon the Shadow. Love's Alchemy. Love's Deity. Love's Growth. Lovers' Infiniteness. A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day. The Relic. Satire III. Song: Go and catch a falling star.

Song: Sweetest love, I do not go. The Sun Rising. To His Mistress Going to Bed. The Triple Fool. A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning. A Valediction of the Book. A Valediction: of Weeping. Woman's Constancy. Show More. Poems to integrate into your English Language Arts classroom. Read More. Love Poems. Classic and contemporary love poems to share. Love poems that offer a realistic take on relationships today. Article for Students. Freedom in Poetry. By Robert Pinsky.

The Happiness of Monogamy. From Poetry Off the Shelf October Article for Teachers. Herbert Sucks. By Brian Staveley. A high school teacher tells why students are the best poetry critics. In Love With Queer Words. Poem Guide. By Joel Brouwer. Reality and representation mix in this classic poem. By Stephanie Burt. The poet tries to start a revolution from his bed. By Jeannie Vanasco. Meena Alexander on writing, postcolonialism, and why she never joined the circus.

John Donne

From Audio Poem of the Day March John Donne read by Michael Stuhlbarg. From Audio Poem of the Day April Voice of Eros. By Adam Plunkett. George Herbert was a good churchman, but his poems made him a master of the erotic. Stansby for Walter Burre, The Second Anniuersarie. Bradwood for S. Macham, Verse Of The XX. Verse Of The I. Mat for Thomas Jones, The Feast of Dedication. At Whitehall, Ivvenilia London: Printed by E. Poems London: Printed by M.

Sapientia Clamitans London: Printed by I. Haviland for R. Milbourne, Wisdome crying out to Sinners London: Printed by M. Essayes in Divinity London: Printed by T. Flesher for M. Royston, Sermons London: Printed by T. The Works of John Donne, D. Summer When summer came My father left the house He tied a ribbon in his hair And wore a Kaftan dress.

He toured the world And met a guru in Tibet. Autumn Through autumn days My father felt the leaves Burning in the corners of his mind. My mother, who was younger by a year, Looked young and fair, The sailors from the port of Martinique Had kissed her cheek. He searched the house And hidden in a trunk beneath the bed My father found his second-hand guitar. He found her see-through skirt With matching vest.

He made the bed, He wore his Kaftan dress A ribbon in his hair. Winter At sixty-four My mother died At sixty-five My father. Thomas McCarthy Love possesses poets like no other feeling. That X could be an Ex. The skill with which Groarke layers those feelings is astonishing. Anyone who has lost in love will get this poem instantly. Ghost Poem by Vona Groarke Crowded at my window tonight, your ghosts will have nothing to speak of but love though the long grass leading to my door is parted neither by you leaving.

The same ghosts keep in with my blood, the way a small name says itself, over and over, so one minute is cavernous. You are a sky over narrow water.

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I want to tell you all their bone-white, straight-line prophecies. Vona Groarke, X Gallery Press. Tom Paulin To Lizbie Browne may seem an odd choice of a love poem. It haunted me and later I came to see it as primal, obsessive, even fetishistic. It succeeds in being both tender and self-mocking.

In sun, in rain,? Where went you then, O Lizbie Browne? I have seen them gentle, tame, and meek, That now are wild and do not remember That sometime they put themself in danger To take bread at my hand; and now they range, Busily seeking with a continual change. But all is turned thorough my gentleness Into a strange fashion of forsaking; And I have leave to go of her goodness, And she also, to use newfangleness. But since that I so kindly am served I would fain know what she hath deserved.

All the more astonishing then to have him remembering one woman above all the others who throws off her clothes and takes sweet control of a sexual encounter. Dear son, I was mezzo del cammin and the true path was as lost to me as ever when you cut in front and lit it as you ran. See how the true gift never leaves the giver: returned and redelivered, it rolled on until the smile poured through us like a river. How fine, I thought, this waking amongst men! I kissed your mouth and pledged myself forever. Christopher Reid So many love poems are concerned with the exciting preliminaries: first glimpse, coup de foudre, wooing, and winning or losing; too few celebrate what follows.

Part of Plenty by Bernard Spencer is a great, uxorious exception. He proceeds like a painter, coaxing coherence from disparate elements. The final stanza, in a risky gesture typical of Spencer, confounds both syntax and grammar to suggest an uncontrolled blurting out of joy, a matrimonial ecstasy that obeys only its own laws. I find this ingenious, profound and moving. When she puts a sheaf of tulips in a jug And pours in water and presses to one side The upright stems and leaves that you hear creak, Or loosens them, or holds them up to show me, So that I see the tangle of their necks and cups With the curls of her hair, and the body they are held Against, and the stalk of the small waist rising And flowering in the shape of breasts;.

Whether in the bringing of the flowers or of the food She offers plenty, and is part of plenty, And whether I see her stooping, or leaning with the flowers, What she does is ages old, and she is not simply, No, but lovely in that way. Peter Robinson, Bloodaxe, More recently, the love poem seems to have emerged from the shadows again. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The combination results in a gut-retching experience for the group.

Apollo is worried about his sister, and when he tries to use his supernatural sight to find her, he discovers she has been clouded from him, so he breaks the Ancient Laws, and helps the questers by getting on a train headed west. Apollo is in disguise as a homeless man named Fred, however he tells Percy a haiku, which reveals himself as Percy has never met anyone else who could tell such a horrible haiku. He warns Percy not to let anyone know he spoke to him, and advises him to seek out Nereus , the Old Man of the Sea. Later, at Olympus , Apollo votes for Percy not to be killed, and gives him a thumbs-up from his throne.

He was listening to his iPod at the time, so it is unknown how much of the debate he actually heard. He also offers Percy the chance to drive his chariot and archery lessons though Percy rejects the latter as he's bad with a bow. Apollo is mentioned when Percy is attempting to shoot Geryon through his three hearts, and he prays to Artemis and Apollo to ask them to guide his arrow. Rachel , his oracle. Apollo joins forces with the other gods of Olympus against Typhon in his golden chariot.

When Poseidon defeats Typhon, Apollo joins the rest of the gods on Olympus, and is there when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are all thanked for their efforts. When Annabeth is made the official architect of Olympus, Apollo and Ares agree with Aphrodite's suggestion for lots of statues of the gods. Due to his archery skills, Frank had initially assumed that he was a son of Apollo, and frequently prayed to the god to claim him and he was rather dismayed after Mars claimed him.

Even though Apollo wanted him to be. Apollo, along with most of the other Olympians, was incapacitated with his personality split between him and his Roman form after Leo was manipulated by Gaea into shooting upon Camp Jupiter from the Argo II. Also, Zephyros mentions to Jason and Nico how both he and Apollo has once been in love with the handsome mortal man Hyacinthus, and how the West Wind killed the youth out of spite and jealousy. Apollo expresses his strong disapproval of his legacy Octavian , and then reveals that he has lost his sight of prophecy, as Python blocks the cave on Delphi once more.

Leo talks to Apollo alone, asking for advice on his plan to defeat Gaea , as well as the physician's cure. Apollo remarks that the plan could work, similar to how the Titans once defeated Ouranos , by destroying his physical manifestation while he was at his weakest, as far as possible for his own realm. Apollo, however, warns Leo that any mortal close by would be destroyed if Gaea were to be defeated in such a way.

Apollo tells Leo of the curse of Delos, the final ingredient for the physician's cure. When Leto was ready to give birth to Apollo and Artemis, Hera made all the nature spirits swear to reject Leto so she couldn't give birth. However, Delos was a floating island then, so Leto gave birth to the twins, causing the island to bloom yellow flowers out of happiness, but Delos became rooted then, so flowers picked by Apollo or Artemis on Delos are the curse of Delos. Leo trades Apollo a Valdezinator , a musical contraption that translates feelings into music in exchange for his help.

When Reyna , with the help of six pegasi finally manages to place the Athena Parthenos on Half-Blood Hill , golden light ripples across the ground, seeping warmth into the bones of both Greek and Roman demigods, and curing all of the Olympians including Apollo of their split personalities. As a result, Apollo and Artemis promptly leave Delos to participate in the final battle with the Giants in Athens. The twins help slay quite a few Giants with their arrows, after which Hades sends their bodes back to Tartarus , by opening up abysses after each Giant is killed.

After the battle, Zeus punishes Apollo for not only encouraging Octavian to follow his dangerous path, but also for revealing the prophecy much too soon. He sends Apollo back to Mount Olympus , even though Apollo told Leo that prophecy doesn't work that way, just that Zeus wants someone to blame. Later, when Will Solace confronts Octavian , he claims that Apollo would strongly disapprove of the latter's actions. It can be assumed that Apollo wasn't at all saddened by his legacy's horrific fiery demise.

Apollo, due to his current mortal mind, doesn't recall what transpired during the six months between The Blood of Olympus and The Hidden Oracle , and it is only known that his father Zeus went through with his threat to severely punish Apollo, and decides to do so by making Apollo mortal for the third time, but this time without any powers whatsoever. Apollo crash lands in a dumpster as a human with vague memories of what happened to him. Two thugs see him with his wallet and attempt to rob him.

While there he is shocked to learn that the battle with Gaea was six months ago. He asks Percy for help in regaining his godhood, but Percy says that he is busy with school work but agrees to drive him and Meg to camp. Along the way, they are attacked by three Nosoi , who infect him and the son of Poseidon. When Meg summons a Karpoi , who she names Peaches , devours the plague spirits.

They head to camp through the woods while Percy stays behind to deal with a police officer who arrived at the crash. While wandering through the forest Apollo hears voices calling out to him. Meg pulls him out of the woods and to camp. They make it to the amphitheater and he passes out. He dreams he is driving his sun chariot and a familiar looking woman sits next to him. He then sees a man in a mauve suit telling him to find the gates and lead him to the oracle.

He wakes up in a cot in his children's cabin being tended to by Will Solace. Two more of his children arrive wondering if his being human will cause them to lose their powers and disappear, Apollo assures them that it would not happen. He is then brought to the big house to talk to Chiron , who fills him in on what has been happening at camp and hoping that he can solve the disappearances.

They then go to dinner were Meg is claimed by her mother. The next day he had physical training with Sherman Yang , which greatly tires him. He then has a music class and plays a beautiful melody that makes everyone present weep, but the former god immediately received the fatiguing consequences of playing in such a way. He has archery next and gets one bulls-eye and hit the white of the target with his other shots much to his dismay. His daughter Kayla tells him to practice, but out of frustration, he swears on the Styx to not play music or practice archery until he is a god again.

He then sees Sherman going towards the forest calling his brother's and girlfriend's names. He snaps out of it and remembers nothing.

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The horn sounds for the three-legged death race and they head out. For the race, he is paired with Meg and they search the Labyrinth for three golden apples. Then, they wind up under Delphi and hear Python talking with the Beast. After they find all three apples, their binds are undone and they run for camp. They make it to camp to learn that Kayla and Austin have vanished.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare arrives at camp and tells them about a company called Triumvirate Holdings , a company run by three of Rome's worst emperors. He then brings up the other Oracles he has, much to Rachel's annoyance. The next day, he and Meg head into the woods and find a Palikos named Pete. He says his businesses partner Paulie has vanished. They are then attacked by three Myrmeke.

Apollo breaks his oath and plays his combat ukulele and saves himself, but Meg is captured. He passes out from a head injury and is spoken to by Rhea. She says the Beast plans to burn the Grove of Dodona. He wakes up in Cabin Seven and goes to rescue Meg, but is stopped by Will, who wants him to rest. After resting, he goes to the armory and grabs a bow and stuffs a quiver full of arrows. He goes to the Myrmekes' nest and sings about his faults to distract the giant ants.

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He rescues Meg but they are surrounded by three ants and he only has one arrow left. He shoots the ceiling of the cavern but nothing happens. In desperation, he waves Paolo's bandana, and the cave collapses. The two then face the queen ant and after Apollo sings to her she lets them pass. They make it to the grove's antechamber and see the missing campers and the palikos Paulie. As they are about to free them, Nero shows up and reveals Meg as his step-daughter. Apollo is shocked. After trying to get Meg to see through him, she orders Apollo to open the gate so no one has to die by the Beast.

After the gate is opened, Nero tries to set Austin on fire, but Peaches snatches the matches away. A fight ensues and Apollo temporally regains his divine strength and manages to defeat Nero's two gemini guards, after which Nero sets the grove on fire and leaves. Apollo pulls his son off the stake and cuts him free, telling him to free the others. He goes into the grove to find Meg.

He sees Meg struggling with the oracular voices of the grove, and he tells her to hang a wind chime. When they put the wind chimes on a tree, the voices stop and he hears a prophecy. Meg tries to set him free then leaves. When he returns, all the captives are free. He then summons the myrmeke queen and the six fly to camp as it's getting attacked by Nero's automation. They land on a beach.

Apollo comes up with a plan to strike the automaton with a plague arrow but needs a chariot. Nico gets him one and Apollo, Austin, and Kayla flies into battle. Apollo grabs an arrow from the automaton's armpit and succeeds in enchanting a plague arrow, but they crash to the ground. Luckily, Percy shows up and helps distract the automation while Apollo aims. He misses but the wind Zephyros blows it into the automaton's ear. It then sneezes its head off, but most of the camp gets hay fever by nightfall. The next morning, Apollo decides to head out to find the oracles on his own, but he is visited by Percy and Rachel.

They try to talk him into getting some help, but he declines. He tells them the prophecy and Percy says his companions will be at camp soon. Leo and Calypso arrive seconds later. After the two are filled in, they agree to company him. He is shocked to learn that they are dating and that Calypso has lost her powers as well. They agree to leave in the morning before they go for s'mores at the sing-along. The story ends with Apollo and Calypso convincing Leo to join the sing-along. The couple asks Apollo if he sees anything and he tells them no.

The fallen god wonders why a member of the Triumvirate Holdings would want to set up their base in Indiana. He also worries about Meg, as he had a vision of Nero telling her to bring Apollo to him dead or alive, which concerned him since as his demigod master she could order him to do anything like commit suicide.

Also, he makes a remark about Hera 's licorice. After getting off the roof, they notice the odd behavior of the pedestrians before they are approached by a woman named Nanette who immediately recognized him, grabbed him and called to let others know he was in the state capital. Calypso punched the woman and freed Apollo, only to reveal that she was a Blemmyae working for the Triumvirate Holdings calling for back up. As they are surrounded, the three retreat as more blemmyae arrives on the scene.

Calypso sees an alley where they head to and encounter a "headless cheese ghost". Upon leaving the alley, they are soon surrounded by the blemmyae. As they are about to be killed, Leo tells him and Calypso to distract the crowd. Apollo tells his story of how he became mortal while Leo made his way to a bulldozer that the blemmyae had with them. They made their way to the bulldozer and attempted to leave. As Nanette was about to kill the trio, she is shot and killed by an arrow, but not before she mentioned a naming ceremony for slaves in three days.

A woman who knew Apollo was revealed to have fired the shot and killed the other blemmyae. She revealed her name is Emmie and she takes them to the Waystation. When they arrive, Emmie takes Calypso to the infirmary and tells Apollo and Leo to talk with Josephine. They see an abandoned bedroom for a young girl along the way. They arrive in the main area and meet up with Josephine, who tells them of the Waystation's function as a safe house for wandering demigods, satyrs and hunters.

She explains that Emmie's real name is Hemithea , to which Apollo realizes that she was a princess from Ancient Greece that he made immortal before she became a hunter. Josephine then leaves the two to make themselves at home. After Leo heads over to Josephine, Apollo has a flashback of the day he made Emmie and her sister into minor goddesses and a vision of Nero telling Meg to catch him dead or alive. He then sees Emmie, Josephine, Leo and Calypso standing over him saying that he has been out for hours.

They tell him that Agamethus , the headless ghost from before, wants to talk with him, the group theorizes that the headless ghost wants to tell them something. Josephine gets a Magic 8 Ball so he can communicate. Agamethus tosses it to Apollo who read aloud 'Apollo will find her'. Emmie and Josephine then reveal their adoptive daughter, Georgie , has been missing for two weeks. Emmie explains how she and Josephine left the hunters to be with each other, to Apollo's annoyance as he felt she wasted immortality. Apollo then realized that Agamethus was decapitated by his brother Trophonius , the dark oracle, he then asks about the emperor.

The five make lunch and discuss matters. Apollo tells Emmie and Josephine the limerick the Grove of Dodona told him and they tell him the Cave of Trophonius was south on them in the Bluespring Caverns , but they are heavily guarded by enemy forces. They also say that the emperor has been abducting the Waystation's inhabitants and Georgie.

They hear banging coming from the roof and Emmie and Josephine arm themselves before going to investigate. The three talk about Trophonius while doing the dishes, much to Apollo's annoyance. He explains that to prepare for the Oracle, one must drink from two springs representing forgetfulness and memory. Then they must head into the cave where they see a prophecy in the form of horrific visions.

Then the priest sits them on the Throne of Memory to speak the prophecy for them to write down. He theorizes that Georgina might have gone through the ritual but had not sat on the throne. Then she went back a second time to sit but was captured. After Leo and Calypso fight, he hears their hostesses voices and heads into the main area where he is trapped in a net by Britomartis , the goddess of nets.

After she freed him, Apollo concludes that she in charge of the Waystation. She asks Emmie and Josephine to leave while she talks with the trio. She tells them that the emperor is planning to rename Indianapolis in three days, and she wants them to use that time to save her griffin's from the city's zoo.

She says that if they do this then she will tell them where Georgina and the Throne of Memory are. He also realizes that the emperor plans to kill him and Georgia during the ceremony. Britomartis sends him and Calypso to liberate her griffins while Leo works on their defenses. After they tell Emile and Josephine what Britomartis told them, the ex-hunters had them do chores with Apollo scrubbing toilets and sending him and Leo to sleep in separate quarters from Calypso.

He and Leo talk about his relationship with the formerly immortal sorceress. He feels that sometimes she hates him for taking her from Ogygia and sometimes she loves him for it. Apollo dreams of his son, Trophonius, decapitating his half brother, Agamethus, after a failed robbery attempt. His dream then shifts to the emperor and his former lover, Commodus , having three people executed for failing him and losing the daughter of Demeter. He then orders a new agent, Lityerses , the son of Midas , to capture her and Apollo alive and move the griffins to him for safekeeping.

Calypso wakes him up and the set out to free the griffins. Apollo and Calypso make their way to the Indianapolis Zoo. At Calypso's request, he consulted with his talking arrow.

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  • The arrow told him the griffins were being held by a train and to bring tatters tots. He and Calypso argue about their mortal states, with Apollo revealing his hatred for Emmie giving up hers, though he offended Calypso too on that matter. They make their way to the zoo and find where the train is, unfortunately, Lityerses and five Germani are almost by them. They duck into a nearby cafe for cover, he keeps a lookout while Calypso picks the lock.

    They find a package of griffin tatters and combat ostrich cubes which reminds Apollo of a time he was with Commodus the day his father was killed. Calypso brings him back to the present and tells him that she found the train ride on a map, but hear Lityerses order one of his men to stay in the cafe. The duo makes a break for it but is cornered by the reptile house. He manages to shoot one Germanus in the foot before Calypso scares the man off with fake magic.

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    They make it to the train but run into Lityerses who calls for backup. Apollo notices the vegetation aboveboard Lityerses's head moving but pulls Calypso out of the way as it falls on the swordsman, thinking this is Meg's doing. He then offers to drive the train. The train starts off slowly but they manage to accelerate. Apollo sees the sign for the monster enclosure and they switch to head for it. He notches an arrow and hits the lever. They wind up in the enclosure and find the griffins and others locked behind plexiglass partitions. They find the button to open the griffin enclosure and enter.

    Apollo realizes that the female griffin, Heloise , is about to lay an egg. He and Calypso sing an ancient song Zeus and Leto sang to him and Artemis when they were younger, this brought tears to the former god's eyes. He feeds the male griffin, Abelard , while Calypso feeds Heloise. Lityerses then appears behind them, as he is about to kill the two of them, Meg McCaffrey arrived and blocked his attack then orders him to leave.

    He mounts the Abelard and takes off, but not before firing an arrow at the control box releasing the other monsters. He pulled Meg onto Abelard and Calypso forced the net above them out of the way. The two former immortals were astonished by this act and he embraces his demigod master as they fly back toward the Waystation. The three arrive at the Waystation. While Leo and Josephine take Calypso to the infirmity, Apollo and Meg talk with each other before Emmie informs them that the net goddess wants to speak with them.

    She informs them that Calypso's magic is her doing, much to the anger of Apollo and the recently returning Leo. Britomatris then tells them that Apollo will either succeed in his quest for Trophonius or be executed. She tells them where the entrance to Commodus' palace is and to avoid it.

    John Donne | Poetry Foundation

    She tells Apollo to take Leo and Meg and go along the waterway to get into the palace. The goddess then leaves and Meg shouts Commodus' name at the top of her lungs, sparking Apollo to remember a time when he killed Commodus. He reminisces of the time he drowned and betrayed Commodus when he was disguised as his personal trainer, Narcissus , that flashback forces him to throw up in the toilet.

    Josephine comes in and talks with him about making past mistakes and moving on from them, as well as using life to benefit others. He spent the afternoon aiding Heloise in laying her egg. When Apollo, Leo, and Meg headed for Canal Walk , Josephine gave him a tracking device to wearing so he can send reinforcements when they find Georgie. They take a peddle boat to find the secret entrance where Apollo tells them he killed Commodus.

    They see it as something he had to do and Meg tells them she met him and the western emperor, who, along with Nero, is keeping him in check in the center of the country. They soon spot a monster under the surf and proceed with caution. A little further down they find the entrance but are attacked by the Carthaginian Serpent and abandon ship.

    Meg manages to blind it in one eye before it is about to crunch her as it did to their pedal boat.