To the Moon and Back in Ninety Days (Annotated)

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Lord Celian Ewald. Miles Glover. Richard Barry. Alan Dundas. Count Casimir Bielowsky, Hetman of Jetomir. Captain Hawkins. The Winning Team : In her second film with Ronald Reagan, whom she romanced for a time, Day plays wife to his Grover Cleveland Alexander, who had to overcome a debilitating injury and health problems on his path to the Baseball Hall of Fame; although Day gets top billing here, hers is strictly a supporting role. Caprice : Day plays an industrial designer for a cosmetics company turned secret agent out to get her hands on the formula for a water-repellent hairspray.

Lucky Me : Day says in her book that she hated this script so much that she considered taking a suspension on her Warner Brothers contact to get out of doing the movie. Its first twenty-odd minutes would have made a decent sitcom pilot: a team of four vaudevillians are scrambling to keep their careers alive in Miami. The Ballad of Josie, with Peter Graves. She plays a Wyoming widow who, having been acquitted after accidentally killing her abusive drunk of a husband, defies convention and the exasperated menfolk in her midst and commits to earning a living by sheep ranching.

Lullaby also holds the distinction of presenting the first example of a Doris Day character getting seriously snippy when someone questions her virtue. But do tune in for the last twenty minutes, when a shimmying Day does for a backless orange sequin gown what Marilyn did for a white dress. On Moonlight Bay : In this nostalgia-glazed bakery item, the Winfield family moves to a new house within their Indiana suburb: Mr.

Winfield hopes that a fancier neighborhood will convince his tomboy daughter, Marjorie Day , to grow up. Although Marjorie is eighteen, Day, quick to brandish her choppers and wearing a platinum wig, somehow pulls it off at practically thirty. Day also says that there was trouble on the set: while she got along with Bolger, director David Butler kept catching him upstaging her.

She flees to their country house, where she guzzles a sleep-inducing concoction. Peter shows up, after which the film is devoted to the semi-tawdry question of whether Margaret and Waldo have had sex. Still, a few of them are grand. Who knew that Joan Crawford had a sense of humor? Young Man with a Horn : In this serviceable treatment of a novel by Dorothy Baker loosely based on the life of cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, Kirk Douglas plays the troubled Rick, who found salvation in a trumpet.

Rick prefers to play free-form jazz with black musicians, but to earn a living, he joins a bland white dance orchestra featuring singer Jo Day , whose affection for him endures throughout his marriage to miserable rich girl Amy Lauren Bacall and his ensuing alcoholism. The milieu fights with the adult-centrism in this, the Doris Day family film that could have been. Young at Heart, with Frank Sinatra.

The movie follows their quests for men, resulting in not a love triangle but a love pentagon. The Thrill of It All : Suburban housewife and mother Beverly Day , invited to appear in a television commercial for Happy soap, klutzes her way through it — and becomes a TV-viewer favorite due to her lack of polish. For context: The Feminine Mystique came out five months before this movie did. The Pajama Game : Poor Janis Paige: if Frank Sinatra had accepted the male lead in this film, he would have provided enough drawing power to allow her to reprise Babe, the role she originated on the stage.

The ensemble scenes, brought to you by the Broadway cast, are relentlessly engaging, especially the fifties-style bacchanalia of the company picnic.