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Verified by Psychology Today. The Passion Paradox. This post was co-authored by Lisa Day and was originally written for the website Science of Relationships. On top of that, we know from past research that disagreements related to sex can be very difficult to resolve successfully.

I’m happy with my boyfriend but don’t want sex

Given that differing sexual interests are common in relationships, and can be challenging to resolve, we conducted three studies to examine how people make decisions about having sex when their partner is interested in sex but their own interest is low, and to test whether certain people would be able to navigate these situations with greater success. In our second study, we asked people to tell us about the most recent time when their partner was in the mood for sex, but the participant was not.

In our final study, we recruited both members of romantic couples to report on their desire and motivation to engage in sex, or not, for 21 consecutive days. Instead, these communal people were more focused on the benefits to their partner of engaging in sex, such as making their partner feel loved and desired.

In fact, communal people maintained feelings of satisfaction even in these desire discrepant situations. In short, this research tells us a little bit more about how, as sexual desire waxes and wanes over the course of any relationship, some people are able to navigate tricky situations with greater ease and success when one partner wants sex but the other does not. Passion, intimacy, and time: Passionate love as a function of change in intimacy. To do it or not to do it? How communally motivated people navigate sexual interdependence dilemmas. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , Advance online publication.

Marital satisfaction and communication behaviors during sexual and nonsexual conflict discussions in newlywed couples: A pilot study. Imagine, for a moment, that you are going along in your marriage or relationship, healthy and able to have sex, but kind of putting it off more than you should. Then suddenly, your guy gets prostate cancer, and is treated It happens ladies, and it's really sad. So, don't assume for one minute that you have "plenty of time" to get your sex life on track Take it from me, and the many other partners of cancer patients There are lots of us suffering out here and it's a silent suffering who would give anything to be able to resume a sexual relationship with the one we love.

Nonsense, prostate cancer does not mean your sex life is over. There are many things both partners can still do in most cases. I suppose your partner is a man on ADT, with complete erectile dysfunction, and orgasm induced incontinence? Btw, most previously sexually active men who are treated for prostate cancer give up on sex completely, plus the ADT completely changes them.

And is this uncommon among prostate cancer patients? No, sadly, it is far more common than not. If you are going to play expert then educate yourself. Subscribe to the New Prostate Cancer Infolink. I'm sorry, but minimizing real people's very common experiences life you just did is extremely unhelpful. Sure, but how's that any different from some menopausal women who've lost all libido and are never in the mood? Some of them chose to participate sexually with their partner out of love even when it's no longer erotic or pleasurable.

For this woman who's currently only in perimenopause with changing estrogen levels, if I'm NOT in the mood, there isn't sexual union. NO amount of lube can make the vagina enlarge for comfort, too. Imagine your testicles being squeezed till there's pain.. Was the sex still pleasurable or erotic? If you say yes, then you should read other articles And sex activity for MOST woman is more than just for pleasure. Women aren't robots to sexually a partner, but you sound like a male who believes women are.

Most women who 'gives in' though she doesn't enjoy or it's not pleasurable have security problems of losing that boyfriend or husband. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about my husband; just as now he doesn't have to have sexual activity just for me, neither do I for him. This isn't the 50's or even past centuries. Women aren't here on earth just for men. So no, h no, there would be NO sexual activity if my husband ever has prostate cancer. NO ONE, not even a spouse, should have to have sex just to pleasure the other one.

Sex is NOT a need, but a want only.

How do you deal when everything is perfect except sex?

NO person on earth has ever, nor will ever die from lack of sex. Woman don't need to be robots! What rubbish. Another excuse to hide behind. Funny how the second anyone tries for a baby woman go from 1 time per month to 3 times a week. The second is more about being happy without sex then it is not wanting to have sex and it's selfish!!!

A couples sex life shouldn't be aimed at keeping one person happy it should be aimed at keeping 2 people happy and involve compromise. What's a compromise if one person never wants to have sex? Double the frequency? Why do you assume sex must involve the vagina? There's lots of fun for both men and women that does not involve the vagina.

Sex itself means coitus. Sexual activity is anything involving what's between the legs. What normal woman wants anything to do with a limp male organ AND something that would have far more bacteria in the urethra than it would have? NOT ME!! I'll take even one hand holding walk anyday over any lousy sexual activity. Your key word..

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Appears you haven't been in a very longterm relationship to know that sex isn't what's important in a relationship. Yes, actually I do know about women's anatomy. Sex is much more than just coitus. And no, lots of women enjoy oral sex, or hand work, or erotic massage. As you know, the clitoris is not in the vagina. In fact, following only what you want as sex, most women would not orgasm! As for bacteria, if that's really a concern, there are gloves, condoms, and dental dams.

And there are vibrators you can use with a towel. You're the person who sounds ignorant of female anatomy here, if not terribly rigid and old fashioned. And yes I'm in a longbterm relationship with someone who thinks sex and intimacy are BOTH very important. As for knowing if they enjoyed it, it's all about communication. I listened to them very closely about what they wanted. And one thing I learned is that intercourse alone is not enough. And that every woman is different, just as you seem to be. If intercourse works for you and that's all you need in the physical sense, there's nothing wrong with that.

It just doesn't work well in your difficult situation. On many occasions, I have given my partner oral sex, when I wasn't in the mood for intercourse. Not out of insecurity. And, regardless of what's going on with your vagina, there's nothing painful about getting a man off with your hand or orally.

And to those who want their partners' "overactive" sex drive to disappear, they might be sad that the partneris ill, but will take comfort from thef act that sex is off the table.

If You Are The One Being Rejected

I know that's what I'd want my husband to be. There's plenty to do to keep a relationship going other than sex. Non-sexual intimacy does that. If it doesn't, then the relationship was all based upon sex You and chimp are both right. People are different. Some women in menopause no longer want sex regardless of how good their relationship is otherwise.

Do I have to keep trying?

Others miss it but stay with their husband even if he no longer wants sex. And yet other women can't stand to be sexless, but that does NOT necessarily mean their relationship was based only on sex. You can't just use your own feelings about sex to judge others. Lol bunch of fucking feminsts commenting on this.

Obviously you don't know why me. Were made in the first place To have sex you stupid cunt. Mismatched libidos kill marriages and relationships, especially when one partner can't or won't acknowledge the situation as an issue. What if the less- or non-interested partner won't or can't step up? I agree.. I care about my partner deeply. I will do pretty much anything to make their life easier and happier and I will make sacrifices as needed. But I draw the line at 'giving up' my body when I really can't stomach it.

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  • I love him but I just can't do it sometimes and let of me thinks that if he loves me he wouldn't want to ask that of me anyway. And how is giving your partner a hand job "giving up" your body? The idea of trying something new brings panic and waves of disgust. They simply settle for frustration in this area of life. We live in a day and age in which help is readily available, even related to sexual problems. Yet, reaching out to a counselor or even buying a book on the topic is frightening. If you have sexual trauma in your past or events in your life marred by shame, the thought of talking through this pain may seem unbearable.

    It takes tremendous courage to seek help knowing that you will be sharing with someone else an area of your life marked by shame and sorrow. It may seem easier just to ignore the pain and move on in your marriage, but God is Jehovah Rapha, the One who invites you to healing. Healing from physical, relational, and emotional barriers to sex takes work and effort. It begins with a commitment to identify them and address them.

    If you are tired of disappointment in the bedroom, your journey towards healing may mean overcoming a few commonly held lies about sex. These lies keep women from pursuing healing. After years or decades of marriage, you may never have considered that your needs matter too! It is worth exploring how sex can be satisfying for you. It is worth pursuing counseling to work through the pain of the past. No one says this lie out loud, but a lot of women live by it. Sexual excitement is automatically linked with sexual immorality. They have bought the lie that to be sexual means to be sinful.

    One reason why women have difficulty enjoying sexual pleasure is because they think they need to simply wait for it to happen. We have seen many women set free and enjoy sex even after decades of an unsatisfying sex life. As obvious as it sounds, nothing will change if you change nothing. No one can promise you that your sex drive will go from zero to sixty in ninety days. We live in a fallen world filled with disappointment and brokenness.

    Would you be willing to take one small step? That might be calling a counselor, going through the Bible study Passion Pursuit , or maybe even praying with your husband about your sex life. What If I Hate Sex?

    Address the obstacles Some want to have it every three hours and others once a week, but men almost universally find sex pleasurable—as we have already discussed. Physical The female sexual response involves many functions of the body, including the endocrine, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and reproductive systems.

    Many times, that shift from having regular hot sex to no sex happens suddenly in a marriage. And that shift usually causes major shifts in your attitude toward you husband and not for the better. So, what the heck is going on?

    What If I Hate Sex?

    You don't want to hurt him, yet you don't want to fake feeling turned on when you're not. Rest assured, even though loathing sex seems impossible to change, there are powerful, helpful things you can do to ease back into the juicy flow of lovemaking.

    In fact, addressing these things can positively shift you your mind and your body so dramatically that you end up enjoying sex more than you ever expected possible. If you are, here are five things you can do to overcome your resistance to sex with the man you love:. First things first! Speak honestly and openly about how you feel about sex with your husband. There is nothing more liberating to your sex drive than honoring your own voice. Make this your Desire Journal. Use it to note the ebb and flow of your desire as you work to reclaim it.

    Desire in its purest form breeds passion, and as you become passionate again, you'll find your natural instincts open up… and yes, this includes loving sex!