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If I Had A Million Dollars: What To Do With A Million Dollars

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About Diana. Diana Tower. All Rights Reserved. Comments What do you think about this page? Leave me a comment in the box below. For the most part, I like the people I deal with everyday and I like the routine. Yes, even with a million dollars.

Alternatively, what a great opportunity to start my own business. I could start up another blog or two in other subjects, or I could use some of my sudden windfall to buy up a couple of financial blogs. With the time to run them, I know enough about the business to make them profitable. And now that I type this out, I figured it out. How much fun would it be to blog for a living? It would serve as both a travel and opportunity fund. Why would I? The best part of having a million bucks?

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Nelson Smith writes about personal finance, investing and all sorts of other stuff at Financial Uproar. His real job is for a major snack food company, and yes ladies, he's single! You can follow him on the Twitter , where he usually tries to be witty. If I have a million dollars, I would Split it into 4 portions. I will give one portion to my parents so that they can quit the jobs and enjoy their lives.

Second potion to plant some passive income.

I will purchase some real properties in those cities that are still lacking, such as Barrie. They properties are going to have positive cash flow. The third portion, I will invest in stocks. I will use the last portion in starting my own business. I will try not to quit my job until my own business can support itself.

If I had a million dollars …

I think your plan is pretty good. Spend some, save some..

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Since this in addition to my protfolio, income and retirement, I would take half and invest in growth and the other half in tax free bonds. I am with krantcents. Now, if you tinkered with the premise, that it had to be spent and not on gold bars or items that could be sold easily, my answer might change. Awesome post, really gets the creative juices flowing in your mind!! I would be sorely tempted to splurge on a huge trip, but I would take that money and invest it in a combination of dividend bearing stocks, index mutual funds and real estate. And then I would go back to my usual life.

I would pay off my student loans! So I would put in renos to bring our house up to what the house would be more in par with the hood.

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There still babies so their is lots of time to grow. We have a young family and just starting our careers so we would not retire but I would sleep a little better at night! Then I would invest maybe K in a dividend portfolio and the rest in maybe growth stocks.