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To ask other readers questions about Water Vamps , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 17, M. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I read my books cover to cover, and the first day I was reading this one I only got through the many positive review quotes that filled quite a few pages up front. I did not like the book at all. I don't think my problem is that it was written for eleven year olds and had main characters that age.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was written for that exact age group, and is a wonderfully well-written book; this was a weak story poorly plotted and poorly executed. We were introduced to quite a I read my books cover to cover, and the first day I was reading this one I only got through the many positive review quotes that filled quite a few pages up front.

We were introduced to quite a few characters up front, but it was difficult to be too interested in any of them save perhaps the first two, who mostly vanished from the book until the end.

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There is something of a teenage romance between the main characters which is almost interesting. There is a lot of talk about the fact that the author includes several types of vampires, although I would have thought that even by this time vampires would have been boring and her versions are not really more interesting--or if they are, the fact that we are dealing mostly with pre-teens takes a lot of the interest out of them.

There were some original ideas, but most of them seemed ridiculous or incredible. I will admit to having some trouble with what we might call the religious slant.

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Our primary heroine and her mother are both witches, which is fine with me; the daughter is also a "psychic vampire", although she never "feeds" that I recall during the book. Her aunt and uncle are also psychic vampires, and they are cruel, coming to visit only to steal energy from other members of their family including the toddler--and they are also they only Christians in the book, painted to be the villains.

In the end they are both killed by blood-sucking "water vampires", who are thereby recognized as heroes for their heroic snatch and kill actions against the bad people. So witches and vampires are mostly good, and Christians are evil, and that's part of the message of the book. I would have less trouble with it were it not so blatant. The editing was better than some, but again worsened as the book progressed. Some of the tropes were just annoying--like more than one of the characters thinking that they were proud of themselves for having used, usually in their thoughts, one of their spelling words from school.

Despite some potentially interesting facts, the water vampires prove to be rather boring. Their culture is not significantly different from that of humans other than that they hunt for their food and live on blood which includes fish and shellfish blood, and although human blood is better only a very few water vampires can survive either out of water or in sunlight.

The book was a chore to finish. I have no idea how it garnered such positive reviews, unless it's simply that people want to appear open-minded about stories that exalt modern anti-christian faiths and condemn Christians. Giles does not seem to have as much talent as the eleven-year-olds for whom she writes. I am embarrassed for her publisher. Jul 16, Bryce Warren rated it it was amazing. Giles creates a delightfully original vampire mythology in her young adult book Water Vamps. The main characters Robyn and Marion aptly named after the literary adventurers Robin Hood and Maid Marion engage in their own adventure involving Water Vampires, a complex hybrid of ravens and mermaids--with teeth!

Giles celebrates the unconventional in numerous ways throughout the book, which any vampire-lover will embrace whole-heartedly. Her compelling tale follows the burgeoning young romance G. Her compelling tale follows the burgeoning young romance between Robyn and Marion which leads to their dangerous encounter with the Water Vamps. Giles mixes her unique history of vampires and the background of Charleston, South Carolina, creating a fully absorbing fantasy tale.

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Together, Robyn and Marion discover a pair of deceitful adults and a perilous, hungry species who are more than they appear to be on the surface and with whom they have more in common than they realize. Water Vamps Jul 22, Khemical Komixz rated it it was amazing. Im a Huge Fan of G. Giles And this new book doesnt dissapoint Her style Defiantly turns a corner for a vampire novel. Marions character is like Maid Marion in that he supports Robyn, He is also on the swampfox of the low country Theres also the young love lesbian love story between Candace And Molly, You dont see that often in a young adult read.

I give the book five stars its a progressive young adult read plus it has plenty of old world southern charm without being based in New Orleans or Atlanta this is a must be and Ill def read it again Dec 23, Simon Williams rated it it was amazing. One thing GL Giles does do well is provide interesting, multifaceted characters in her story.

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This is the only one of her books I've read so far! Not the sort of thing I would normally read either, but credit where credit's due- I didn't once feel like putting it aside or not bothering to get to the end. Water Vamps has a charm to it which also helps the reader warm to the Robyn and Marion characters.

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While she holds powerful magic locked within her, she turns out to be more practical and clever than all powerful, but soon, she falls in with Kaedric: tall, dark, intimidating, brooding, and so powerful he can shape the very earth to his whims. The two end up going on a quest together; their task to defeat an all-powerful wizard. Purchase the book at Amazon. This youth has led an amazing life, growing up in magical Castle Spinweb, and while he is very close to his mother, he longs to find his father, who disappeared years before on a heroic mission.

Water Vamps by Gl Giles

MARTIN A genre blender series that seamlessly mixes fantasy, post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy, and horror themes into something refreshingly new. Martin finds a great balance between the human and vampiric, using both to craft an engaging tale of a world dragging itself back from the brink of total destruction. Instead of a happy homecoming, he finds young Queen Ehlana trapped in a crystalline enchantment that keeps her alive, but which is slowly fading.

This has left the kingdom under the rule of the tyrannical Annias, who vows to seize power over all the land. Such a situation forces Sparhawk to set forth on an epic quest to find the legendary Bhelliom and face off against monstrous foes and evil creatures. The Overmen are a magical breed created by wizards centuries in the past and driven by mankind into the Northern Waste during the Racial Wars.

The tale begins simply in book one with Garth going to consult the Wise Women of Ordunin, because he wants to gain eternal fame and glory. Naturally, the oracle sends him on a quest to win his desired renown, which leads him from adventure to adventure and fills all four books of the series. All in all, it is a clever series with an interesting lead character in Garth.

Well worth a try. A military fantasy with a bit of epic-ness and humor thrown in. The story focusing on a war against evil powers as seen through the eyes of the battledragon Bazil and his dragonboy Relkin. These two have a really humourous relationship; the battledragons are an interesting take on these mystical creatures; and the magic system is unique, focusing on sacrifices and planar movements.

Sure, there is a focus on military life, but not so much that it bogs down the story in tedious, logistical details. Addictive read for military fantasy fans. Ten kingdoms are locked in an eternal struggle for supremacy over the land, but King Casmir of Lyonnesse appears to be close to gaining the upper hand by cementing a grand alliance with the marriage of his beautiful but otherworldly daughter, Suldrun. Things do not as planned, however, when a stranger washes up onto the shore and is found by Suldrun.

The love affair that follows changes the very fate of the Elder Isles! This is the ultimate Lord of the Rings clone. And that really, really annoys some of you, which is perfectly fine. For those reasons these five novels are well worth a read. Mysterious wizards Firelord, Stormwarden, and others holding back the dark tide. But now the hell spawn have won human allies to their side, vanquished the last great defenders of man and prepare to seize control.

New heroes arise, however; each gifted with unique abilities that will shape them and the future of the world as they attempt to hold back the demonic hordes! Soon fate lends a hand, as both are cast into a world spanning quest that leads to unexpected places and towards each other. Familiar fantasy trope, I know. The Emperor of the West has determined to aid his colleague in the Eastern Empire and lift the siege of Constantinople.

Together, the whole of the Empire will then carry a great war to the Shahanshah of Persia; Roman swords and spears and the blackest necromancy aimed at destroying the Persian threat once and for all! This one combines fantasy and sci-fi elements into a compelling narrative about a world growing colder every year. Dark times are coming. But awakening within Marika is a power unmatched in all the world, a legendary talent that may not just save her world, but allow her to grasp the stars themselves!

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Not only is Wally in a new body that carries the tattoo of a master swordsman, but he discovers that gods are real in this land and that he is their Chosen One, which includes his own prophecy, a legendary sword and the ability to wield it. However, there is always bad with the good, and Wally soon discovers that to fit into this world of honor, duty and obedience he must rethink his modern Earth sensibilities, because they are seen as weakness that encourage his ruthless enemies to retaliate against him and his companions.

However, this lessening of power has not kept the Patriarchs of the West and the Pramans, or the followers of the Written, from fighting several crusade-like wars for possession of them. And Else, a young Praman warrior, finds himself sent on a secret mission to infiltrate his enemies in the Patriarch, but finds himself slowly becoming a crusader against his own people and the instrumentalities of the dark. Throughout the series, political, religious, and military conflict on a grand scale are constantly smoldering or erupting into flames. Add to this the mysterious and magical Deryni people, who were once overlords of the kingdoms but are now in hiding, and you can see that there is a bit of fantastical in this medieval political drama.

Terisa Morgan lives alone in a New York City apartment, surrounded by mirrors. The daughter of rich but uncaring parents, she wonders at times if she even truly exists. Even though Terisa has no magical powers, she decides to travel back with Geraden. But with people able to appear and vanish out of thin air, Terisa truly attempting to vanish, for the enemies of Mordant will stop at nothing to see her dead! A grimdark that is equal parts gory battle, ambiguous morality, epic worldbuilding, gray characters and gallows humor; all of it combining to make this one fun?

Yeah, I know it shocked me as well, but it is really is true: The Grim Company is fun to read. Read my review for all my thoughts. Once a hero of the common people of the land, he and his fellows are now reviled. With all their hope almost gone, the fallen Greatcoats live to fulfill one final mission given them by their beloved king; a mysterious task that none understand, but which holds out hope for the salvation of the land.

One that not enough people have tried. The story begins in The Initiate , where we are introduced to a world where Order rules over Chaos. However, all know the Chaos gods seek to return. Into this eternal battle for supremacy comes Tarod, a dark-haired outcast with a power he does not understand. He winds up at The Star Peninsula, a mysterious spot of land magically cut off from the rest of the continent, and is accepted as an Initiate by the Circle, a group of acolytes of Aeoris, Supreme God of Order.

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This sets in motion events which will have shattering repercussions not just for Tarod, but for the world. Chronicles focuses on the a race of shapeshifters who once were the honored allies of the King of Homana, loved for their dedicated loyalty. Yet the handful of survivors cling desperately to their ways and to a prophecy that foretells their part in the restoration of a magical race who once ruled the world.

And as each book ends, a reader can feel that the ancient prophecy is so very close to being fulfilled. The Dread Empire novels are a precursor, if you will, of the gritty, no-nonsense Black Company series that would define Glen Cook as a fantasy writer. Each of these characters coming to life, gifted in some way, yet totally unprepared for the struggles they must face, and it these flaws which make each one of them seem so very alive and realistic. Naturally, since this is Glen Cook, you can also count on well thought-out and engaging military tactics, because with Cook that is the norm.

War here is full of gritty realism and utter unpredictability. Military plans succeed or fail on the oddest bit of luck or bad timing, and every victory or defeat is not a certainty until you read that the battle is won or lost. Major characters die as well, so do not ever believe that someone is safe, because they are not! Now, I know Moorcock gets loads of love regarding his Eternal Champion series, but to me, Elric steals all the glory, and my favorite Corum is not given enough. For that reason, the Man with the Silver Hand is in the top five, and his two series The Swords Trilogy and The Chronicles of Corum are must reads for true fantasy fans.

Corum comes from the gentle, peace-loving Vadagh people, whose civilization is ancient in age, and who devote themselves to scholarly pursuits. And while their race might be slowly being eclipsed by the rise of men, or Mabden, the Vadagh do not seem to mind, as long as they are left alone to slip into extinction one dream at a time.

And that is just the first trilogy! After book one, though, John Marco does something stupendous, shifting the remaining story to the viewpoint of these so-called villains and developing them into real people, who are more gray than black or white. Indeed, at the beginning of the series, I absolutely despised one Biagio, an evil piece of work if there ever was one, yet by the end of the series, the focus of the tale is that same Biagio, whom I now found myself rooting for — against my better judgment, I must add.

And while this subtle shift in focus took place, Mr. Marco beguiled me with epic battles, grand intrigue, love triangles, and twists and turns galore. In this faery land, a horrendous war was fought against an evil god. Joy and hope returned to the lands. Goodness and light had triumphed over evilness and darkness. An unrivaled age of tranquility was assured to last forever. A generation lives and dies. History becomes legend. The gods do not seem to care, even once mortal Fealoth.

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All looks lost. Yet even she does not know if the insanity laying behind his eyes will save the world from the evil one or deliver it to him! Morigu: The Desecration. Gil Patterson, graduate student, is having horrible nightmares: Dark visions about terror and panic in the night-time street of a medieval-type city. Thankfully, they are merely dreams. Quickly, Gil discovers her dreams are actually visions of another world and the weird guy in her kitchen is the wizard Ingold Inglorion, the would-be savior of humanity.