Listening To Your Angel

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Yet far too often many people are just too busy, or not interested in listening to what their spiritual team has to say. Then your eager for your angels to get to business. Have you ever experienced the following situation? You are driving in your car to a new destination. For some reason, you turn left when you knew you should have turned right. Then you grumble and complain at yourself that you made a wrong turn, later only to find that your mis-turn actually prevented you from getting stuck in freeway traffic, allowing you to get to your destination in time.

This very well could have been one of your guardian angels telling you to turn left. Each time you encounter situations like this, remind yourself to tune in and listen. Listening to your guardian angels is the second step to effective angelic communication.

Have you ever worked at a job where there just wasn’t enough work to keep you busy?

I see this time and time again with my client reading practice. The truth is that God and the angels want you to be happy and to enjoy your life to the fullest. But in order to do so you need to learn to listen to your guardian angels. When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.

You guardian angels love to impart heavenly wisdom to you and are brilliant teachers. If you are willing and open to learn, they will teach you how to connect with them.

Your Angels Are Listening To God’s Word

In the early stages of showing you how to communicate, the angels will teach you using simple methods. Such as leaving your house and getting a gut feeling that you forgot something; only to return and find that you left the iron on. Your discovery prevented your beloved dogs from getting out, and from possible harm.

The Angels are Listening: Snatam Kaur sings Suṉi-ai with Ajeet Kaur at Sat Nam Fest

The angels use ordinary, everyday things to get your attention. This is the number one way they communicate with you. Your guardian angels are also very good at giving you signs. If you are new at developing your angelic communication skills, then ask for small signs. He never leaves me.

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Everything I put my hands to do today will prosper. My hope is in Him alone. He is my Provider, I trust Him. Knowing His perfect love for me removes all fear. I approach Him with boldness and confidence because I am His child. He loves and accepts me! I have a limitless supply of mercy and grace to help me today. He is my Shepherd and I do not lack anything that I need. Money comes to me today.

With God on my side, nothing is impossible! So, download my free gift — 70 Promises for Abundant Living. This will give you plenty of promises to speak out to keep your angels busy! Write your comments below. Have you noticed? God gets blamed for almost everything bad. The reporter was interviewing a family […].

How To Effectively Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

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